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A Shout Out for WordPress

    What is this WordPress CMS anyway?

    I have been giving a lot of WordPress workshops lately, and was wondering what I should write about this month.  Looking through my past posts, I saw my Shout out for Drupal and thought it perhaps unfair that I have not written anything about WordPress.  So here we are.

    What is this WordPress CMS anyway? Here is the elevator version. Haberdashery, Sporting Goods, Ladies Wear … going up!

    WordPress first appeared in 2003 as a blogging CMS with 1 theme.  Today WordPress offers about 10 000 themes, and is used by 58.7% of all the websites whose content management system is known (here is a current WordPress website).  This is 27.5% of the top 10 million websites.

    I have built somewhere in the range of 150 websites in WordPress, and I know from experience that there are pros and cons to the system.  Like any other system.

    Some great things about WordPress? 

    For me the first thing I can say is that WordPress was the first CMS to offer a standard and Responsive theme (2013). Which was a really big thing back in 2013.

    It is a perfect CMS for individuals, small business, education and research.

    It is incredibly easy to learn. For most people, compared with other CMS, WordPress is simple to operate and convenient to use.

    It is free to download and, unless you are using a plugin or theme which costs money, the plugins and themes are free to use as well.

    Even Google likes WordPress, as I noticed last month on the website of Alberto Medina who works at Google.

    Update: WordPress now offers Full Site Editing too!

    WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! … the question is really “What do you want your website to do for you?”
    Like anything you do, you should use the tools necessary for the project you are doing. Why use a bulldozer when all you really need is a good shovel? (More on that in Do you NEED a CMS?)

    WordPress. Create your stunning website.

    Drupal vs WordPress – A Lego Analogy 13. Sept 2018

    ** if you like Drupal and you like WordPress, I find they dovetail in many ways (content editing, media inclusion, SEO etc) in the CMS Thunder. Find out more about this distribution and try it out for yourself.

    *** What do WordPress and Drupal have in common?  Probably more than you think:


    The WordPress REST API is a game changer for WordPress, which can now safely be called a “web application framework” — not just a CMS. @muhsinlk shows how you can build a skin for your web app with React and WP …