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You Are Already Having Sex With Robots

WIRED | 08.23.2019 | Emma Grey Ellis

Sex robots are here, and their AI-enabled pseudosexuality isn’t long behind. The real robo-sexual revolution will be, and already is, more software than hardware, and it’s the version of this story fewer people are talking about.

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10/18/19 BBC Banning out-of-hours email ‘could harm employee wellbeing’

10/14/19 Guardian Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor

10/09/19 LA Times Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible

09/26/19 HBR The Case for Hiring Older Workers

09/25/19 Conversationalist Truly smart homes could help dementia patients live independently

09/18/19 Forge A Digital Detox Won’t Work Unless You Ask Yourself This Question

09/18/19 Deloitte Digital media trends

09/13/19 Conversationalist This is your phone on feminism

09/12/19 Economist The Internet of Things will bring the internet’s business model into the rest of the world

09/04/19 The Conversation How ‘gamification’ could revolutionise creative thinking in the workplace

09/02/19 Adweek No, Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Coming After Copywriting Jobs

09/02/19 HBR Learning to Work with Intelligent Machines

09/02/19 NextWeb Bot authors a most-read article at The Next Web

08/29/19 Wired Of Course Citizens Should Be Allowed to Kick Robots

08/24/19 Forbes The Challenges Of The Digital World Are Not New

08/23/19 Wired You Are Already Having Sex With Robots

08/22/19 HBR Are Your Company’s Strengths Really Weaknesses?

08/20/19 NYTimes Welcome to McDonalds. Would you like a podcast with those fries?

08/14/19 Economist America’s elderly seem more screen-obsessed than the young

08/13/19 Modus Data-Driven Design Is Killing Our Instincts

08/11/19 Shelly Palmer Digital Red Flags

08/09/19 knowledge@wharton How Organizational Culture Shapes Digital Transformation

08/08/19 HBR Ecosystem Businesses Are Changing the Rules of Strategy

08/08/19 TIMEULAR How Warren saves 1.5 hours per week and has more efficient meetings

08/05/19 HBR Don’t Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation

07/22/19 Verge Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI

07/21/19 Economist The internet is changing language less than curmudgeons fear

07/18/19 Verge The future of fitness is together but alone

07/17/19 FT The secrets our smartphones divulge

07/13/19 HBR Fixing the Internet

07/10/19 BBC Amazon Alexa offering NHS health advice

07/06/19 Economist A different dystopia: July 2030

07/06/19 NBC Are we living in a simulated universe?

07/06/19 HBR The Soft Skills of Great Digital Organizations

07/05/19 DMEXCO 20 MARKETING: Hav­ing a ‘pur­pose’ is no longer enough

07/01/19 HBR Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

06/25/19 Atlantic The Problem With Diversity in Computing

06/24/19 wired The Internet has made Dupes and Cynics of us All

06/19/19 vice Gender stereotypes have been banned from British ads

06/18/19 Vox The Kim Kardashian Deepfake Shows Copyright Claims Are Not the Answer

06/16/19 wired It’s Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser

06/12/19 Behavioural Scientist Consumers Are Becoming Wise to Your Nudge

06/11/19 Atlantic I Wrote This on a 30-Year-Old Computer

06/11/19 Atlantic The ‘Platform’ Excuse Is Dying

06/06/19 HBR Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology

06/03/19 HBR How AI Could Help Small Businesses

05/29/19 WSJ Many Teens Check Their Phones in Middle of Night

05/21/19 MIT sloan review Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations

05/16/19 Medium Data Privacy Is a Human Right

05/09/19 Medium Y2K Didn’t Happen. But 1999 Did.

05/08/19 Podium Customer experience is about emotion, not technology

05/06/19 Quillette Internet Content Regulation Is a Recipe for Censorship?

05/02/19 Medium The Global Attention Span Is Getting Shorter

05/02/19 Medium Why Reading Books Is Important for the Brain

05/01/19 Medium Don’t Blame the Designers for Your Digital Addiction

04/29/19 Medium The Tyranny of Convenience

04/19/19 LSE Our digital malaise: distraction is costing us more than we think

04/18/19 Medium Privacy Is the New Digital Divide

04/11/19 Guardian Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan review – intelligent mischief

04/11/19 Medium Nothing Fails Like Success

04/05/19 Bright What Happens When Teachers Become Design Thinkers?

04/05/19 Medium The Great Smartphone Experiment

03/30/19 Medium The Price We Pay for Multitasking at Work

03/23/19 NYTimes Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol.

03/13/19 HBR Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

03/12/19 Ethan Marcotte Accessibility: The Web We Broke

03/07/19 Medium We Can’t Combat Fake News If We Don’t Really Understand It

02/23/19 SZ Auf der Jagd nach Selbstbestätigung

02/20/19 Medium We’re Optimizing Ourselves to Death

02/13/19 Harvard Business Review Who will be able to afford self-driving cars?

02/08/19 Paris Review Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction

01/29/19 Wired Google wants to get rid of URLs. But first, it needs to show you why

01/17/19 BBC Why kindergartners need to learn to code

01/16/19 BBC No escape as ‘snow day’ becomes ‘e-learning day’

01/15/19 Forbes Why Machine Learning Needs Semantics Not Just Statistics

01/10/19 NYTimes The Death of the Sick Day

01/10/19 Reuters Court says Amazon ‘Dash’ buttons violate German law


12/18/18 Harvard Business ReviewDigital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

12/14/18 HBR Digital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

12/12/18 PM Column Project Managers Explain Agile to Kids

12/01/18 Economist The human inside the machine

11/15/18 Wired The Tyranny of Structurelessness

11/14/18 SZ Geben Sie ruhig mit Ihrem Multitasking an

10/25/18 Medium Why Have Our Offices Become Like Touchy-Feely Kindergartens?

10/19/18 McKinsey Digital strategy: The four fights you have to win

16/10/18 big medium Only One Deliverable Matters

09/20/18 FAZ Lebensversicherer verlangt, dass Kunden Fitness-Tracker nutzen

09/13/18 Mediacurrent Drupal vs WordPress – A Lego Analogy

09/07/18 Atlantic Brands Are Not Our Friends

08/17/18 Medium A Unified Theory of Everything Wrong with the Internet?

08/02/18 HBR 3 Questions About AI That Nontechnical Employees Should Be Able to Answer

07/25/18 Guardian ‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong

07/16/18 CIO Why digital transformations are lagging

07/16/18 The Next Web Data shows people want serious long-form content

06/27/18 Atlantic How Computers Parse the Ambiguity of Everyday Language

06/17/18 Forbes Ten Agile Axioms That Make Managers Anxious

06/07/18 Atlantic Crazy Genius: Is Online Dating Destroying Romance?

06/05/18 Harvard Business Review We’re consuming more information but not learning more.

06/01/18 Atlantic How the Enlightenment Ends

05/31/18 A List Apart The Cult of the Complex – State of the Web

05/26/18 Economist Who will be the main loser from Europe’s new data-privacy law?

05/25/18 Wired 187 Things the Blockchain is Supposed to Fix

05/18/18 Economist How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness

05/14/18 Medium This Is How Internet Regulation Can Go Really Wrong

05/11/18 Wired How Facebook Binds and Shatters Communities

05/09/18 Wired Google and the Rise of “Digital Well Being”

04/30/18 Harvard Business Review Why the Rest of the World Can’t Free Ride on Europe’s GDPR Rules

04/26/18 Times Higher Ed. Moocs are a solution in search of a problem

04/09/18 Harvard Business Review GDPR and the End of the Internet’s Grand Bargain

04/06/18 Harvard Business Review Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans

03/22/18 Handelsblatt Why German companies fail at digital innovation

03/13/18 Harvard Business Review Why the Automation Boom Could Be Followed by a Bust

02/07/18 HBR The Most Successful Brands Focus on Users — Not Buyers

01/11/18 Atlantic How It Became Normal to Ignore Texts and Emails

01/04/18 Forbes Disruptive Technologies And New Economic Models

01/03/18 Wired Why Artificial Intelligence is not Like Your Brain – Yet


12/08/17 Don’t Give Kids Holiday Gifts That Can Spy on Them

10/06/17 Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

09/01/17 Do we really see 4,000 ads a day?

08/10/17 The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade

06/28/17 What are the implications of ads that know our search histories?

06/17 A Survey of Addictive Software Design

06/06/17 The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge

06/05/17 How Machine Learning can be used to Predict Customer Behaviour

05/17/17 Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults

04/20/17 Not everyone in advanced economies is using social media

03/17/17 The New Age of Marketing

03/13/17 Most people are secretly threatened by creativity

02/24/17 Even the biggest problems in the world are just tiny problems stuck together

02/20/17 Current Trends And Future Prospects Of The Mobile App Market

02/06/17 A Brand is a Relationship

02/02/17 Admiring the Obvious with Luke Wroblewski

02/02/17 Creating Personas #Design Thinking

02/02/17 Mobile-First is Just Not Good Enough

01/30/17 Mobile 2.0

01/19/17 Why we teach our students to read between the lies

01/19/17 Data Can Lie—Here’s A Guide To Calling Out B.S.

01/17/17 Record shares of Americans now own smartphones, have home broadband

01/17/17 Social Media Gives Consumers a Chance to be Heard


12/28/16 Digital Advertising Grew Double Digits Again to Hit $17.6 Billion in Q3

12/23/16 What Exactly is Digital Health?

12/13/16 Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith

12/09/16 Mobile is Eating the World

12/06/16 Google is Shifting to a Mobile First Index

11/21/16 Using big data and predictive analytics to recruit international students

11/03/16 “HyperNormalisation”. Adam Curtis’s Essential Counterhistories

10/29/16 Mobile hardware isn’t all that it seems

09/26/16 CMO Eat Or Be Eaten: The Internet Has Reached Saturation

07/07/16 Social media engagement: the surprising facts about how much time people spend on the major social networks

06/23/16 24 things about Drupal 8 every CTO should know

05/11/16 Content-First Prototyping

05/05/16 Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More

04/07/16 Facebook, the world’s most addictive drug

02/15/16 Forbes How The Digital Age Has Changed Marketing Channels Forever

02/05/16 The Soft Skills of Great Digital Organizations

02/01/16 Why we can’t rely on technology for a better future

01/22/16 Beyond the Data: Influencing International Student Decision Making

01/17/16 Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile


12/21/15 Deathmatch: The mobile Web vs. mobile apps

11/24/15 If the Internet is Addictive, Why Don’t we Regulate it?

11/19/15 From Marx to Microsoft: the origins of flat design

08/25/15 Responsive Upscaling: Large-Screen E-Commerce Design

08/25/15 Thinking Responsively: A Framework for Future Learning

07/02/15  What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

07/02/15 Colleges Turn to Social Apps to Recruit Foreign Students

06/16/15 The Homepage Exception

06/11/15 What is Code?

01/26/15 Preparing your campus for prior-prior year


12/03/14 Let’s be intelligent about the artificial intelligence uprising

11/11/14  How Cultural Relativism Affects Web Design

11/23/14 Promiscuous College Come-Ons

11/11/14  How Cultural Relativism Affects Web Design

07/01/14  Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation Study Is Just the Latest Effort to Prod Users

03/09/14  What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

02/17/14  Hooked: How To Make Habit-Forming Products, And When To Stop Flapping


12/10/13 How Instagram Alters Your Memory

12/10/13 After Setbacks, Online Courses Are Rethought

05/06/13 How Much Has The Web Really Changed?


09/29/12 Beyond Wireframing: The Real-Life UX Design Process

08/07/12 Fear of Missing Out Drives Social Media Use

03/23/12 Technology and Persuasion


07/14/11 Content Choreography


05/25/10 Responsive Web Design (How it all began)


10/24/09 Brand = User Experience

warren laine-naida blog post 11 2019 the internet is not free

The Internet is Not Free

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Are We Failing HTML?

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2017/12 A Very Techy Christmas

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2017/10 Marketing Never Sleeps

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2015/12 Do You Need a CMS?

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2015/05 Why is SEO Important?

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2015/04 Content Is King

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2015/03 Open Source

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