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Warum die Gute-Laune-Digitalisierung eine Farce ist

Manager Magazin | 07.04.2019 | von Panos Meyer

“Nein, Digitalisierung ist keine Party. Nein, Veränderung ist nicht immer nur Spaß. Und nein, in Zukunft werden wir nicht alle im Home Office sitzen, drei Stunden am Tag arbeiten und dabei auch noch ein Schweinegeld verdienen. Wer solche Erwartungen weckt, der agiert entweder maximal unwissend oder maximal unseriös.”

07/02/19 W&V Digitalisierung: Kommunikationsabteilungen hinken hinterher

07/01/19 HBR Digital Doesn’t Have to Be Disruptive

06/25/19 Atlantic The Problem With Diversity in Computing

06/24/19 wired The Internet has made Dupes and Cynics of us All

06/20/19 tageschau Steinmeier beim Kirchentag “Spielregeln des Digitalen überprüfen”

06/19/19 vice Gender stereotypes have been banned from British ads

06/18/19 Vox The Kim Kardashian Deepfake Shows Copyright Claims Are Not the Answer

06/16/19 wired It’s Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser

06/12/19 Behavioural Scientist Consumers Are Becoming Wise to Your Nudge

06/12/19 Handelsblatt Digitalverbände und Datenschützer warnen vor Klarnamenpflicht

06/11/19 Atlantic I Wrote This on a 30-Year-Old Computer

06/11/19 Atlantic The ‘Platform’ Excuse Is Dying

06/11/19 FAZ Deutschland bei digitalen Behördengängen fast EU-Schlusslicht

06/06/19 HBR Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology

06/03/19 HBR How AI Could Help Small Businesses

05/29/19 WSJ Many Teens Check Their Phones in Middle of Night

05/21/19 MIT sloan review Building Digital-Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations

05/21/19 computerwoche Digitalisierung ist keine Digitale Transformation

05/16/19 Medium Data Privacy Is a Human Right

05/09/19 SZ Avantgarde in der Filterblase

05/09/19 Medium Y2K Didn’t Happen. But 1999 Did.

05/08/19 Podium Rechte Nutzer dominieren Diskurs?

05/08/19 Podium Customer experience is about emotion, not technology

05/07/19 SZ Wenn selbst einfache Sätze zur Qual werden

05/06/19 Quillette Internet Content Regulation Is a Recipe for Censorship?

05/04/19 SZ Wie klimaschädlich ist der Onlinehandel?

05/02/19 Medium The Global Attention Span Is Getting Shorter

05/02/19 Medium Why Reading Books Is Important for the Brain

05/01/19 Medium Don’t Blame the Designers for Your Digital Addiction

04/29/19 Medium The Tyranny of Convenience

04/28/19 Gründerszene Digitale Devolution: Wir sind alle vernetzte Affen

04/19/19 LSE Our digital malaise: distraction is costing us more than we think

04/18/19 Medium Privacy Is the New Digital Divide

04/15/19 FAZ Aus Big Mac wird Big Data

04/11/19 Medium Nothing Fails Like Success

04/05/19 Bright What Happens When Teachers Become Design Thinkers?

04/05/19 Medium The Great Smartphone Experiment

03/30/19 Medium The Price We Pay for Multitasking at Work

03/23/19 NYTimes Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol.

03/15/19 Horizont Influencer-Typen, die jedem B2B-Unternehmen helfen können

03/13/19 HBR Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

03/12/19 Ethan Marcotte Accessibility: The Web We Broke

03/07/19 Medium We Can’t Combat Fake News If We Don’t Really Understand It

03/04/19 WiWo Wir brauchen endlich ein Ende der digitalen Romantik

02/23/19 SZ Auf der Jagd nach Selbstbestätigung

02/20/19 SZ 30 Prozent aller Angestellten klicken auf alles, was du ihnen schickst

02/20/19 Medium We’re Optimizing Ourselves to Death

02/17/19 Digitalkompetenzen von Unternehmen in Deutschland werden Ansprüchen nicht gerecht

02/13/19 Harvard Business Review Who will be able to afford self-driving cars?

02/08/19 Paris Review Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction

02/07/19 SZ Das freie Netz stirbt vor unseren Augen

02/01/19 FAZ 2019 werden wir 1,2 Milliarden Jahre online verbringen

01/29/19 Wired Google wants to get rid of URLs. But first, it needs to show you why

01/26/19 FAZ Ist Homeoffice wirklich so toll?

01/17/19 BBC Why kindergartners need to learn to code

01/16/19 BBC No escape as ‘snow day’ becomes ‘e-learning day’

01/15/19 Forbes Why Machine Learning Needs Semantics Not Just Statistics

01/11/19 Online Google verrät die drei Eckpfeiler seiner internen SEO-Strategie

01/10/19 NYTimes The Death of the Sick Day

01/10/19 Reuters Court says Amazon ‘Dash’ buttons violate German law


12/18/18 Harvard Business ReviewDigital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

12/14/18 HBR Digital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

12/01/18 Economist The human inside the machine

11/15/18 Wired The Tyranny of Structurelessness

11/14/18 SZ Geben Sie ruhig mit Ihrem Multitasking an

10/29/18 OnetoOne Loyality Reloaded – Kundenbindung digital

10/19/18 McKinsey Digital strategy: The four fights you have to win

16/10/18 big medium Only One Deliverable Matters

10/15/18 FAZ Die Schattenseite der Digitalisierung

09/20/18 FAZ Lebensversicherer verlangt, dass Kunden Fitness-Tracker nutzen

09/13/18 Mediacurrent Drupal vs WordPress – A Lego Analogy

09/07/18 Atlantic Brands Are Not Our Friends

08/30/18 FAZ Wenn die Fitnessuhr den Schweinebraten verbietet

08/23/18 Bild PIXEL MEETS MINECRAFT Hier werden Kids zu App-Entwicklern

08/17/18 Medium A Unified Theory of Everything Wrong with the Internet?

08/17/18 FAZ Folgen der Digitalisierung: Was arbeite ich – und wenn ja, wie lange noch?

08/16/18 eRecht24 Datenschutz: Was jetzt für Kitas und Schulen wichtig ist

08/07/18 Handelsblatt Die deutsche Digitalisierung stockt, weil die Bundesregierung falsch beraten wird

08/02/18 HBR 3 Questions About AI That Nontechnical Employees Should Be Able to Answer

07/25/18 Guardian ‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong

07/16/18 CIO Why digital transformations are lagging

07/16/18 The Next Web Data shows people want serious long-form content

06/27/18 Atlantic How Computers Parse the Ambiguity of Everyday Language

06/17/18 Forbes Ten Agile Axioms That Make Managers Anxious

06/15/18 FAZ 40 Prozent weniger Besucher – „ein voller Erfolg“

06/07/18 Atlantic Crazy Genius: Is Online Dating Destroying Romance?

06/05/18 Harvard Business Review We’re consuming more information but not learning more.

06/01/18 Atlantic How the Enlightenment Ends

05/31/18 A List Apart The Cult of the Complex – State of the Web

05/26/18 Economist Who will be the main loser from Europe’s new data-privacy law?

05/25/18 Wired 187 Things the Blockchain is Supposed to Fix

05/18/18 Economist How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness

05/15/18 TK Die Techniker Digitalisierung beginnt mit der Bereitschaft zur Veränderung

05/14/18 Medium This Is How Internet Regulation Can Go Really Wrong

05/11/18 Wired How Facebook Binds and Shatters Communities

05/09/18 Wired Google and the Rise of “Digital Well Being”

04/30/18 Harvard Business Review Why the Rest of the World Can’t Free Ride on Europe’s GDPR Rules

04/26/18 Times Higher Ed. Moocs are a solution in search of a problem

04/09/18 Harvard Business Review GDPR and the End of the Internet’s Grand Bargain

04/06/18 Harvard Business Review Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans

03/31/18 FAZ Digitalisierungs-kommentar: Großer Unfug

03/22/18 Handelsblatt Why German companies fail at digital innovation

03/13/18 Harvard Business Review Why the Automation Boom Could Be Followed by a Bust

03/08/18 FAZ Falsche Nachrichten sind einfach sexy

02/07/18 HBR The Most Successful Brands Focus on Users — Not Buyers

02/06/18 Gründerszene Nicht die Digitalisierung gefährdet Millionen Jobs – sondern planlose Politik

01/14/18 Süddeutsche Zeitung Neugierig ins digitale Neuland

01/11/18 Atlantic How It Became Normal to Ignore Texts and Emails

01/04/18 Forbes Disruptive Technologies And New Economic Models

01/03/18 Wired Why Artificial Intelligence is not Like Your Brain – Yet


12/08/17 Don’t Give Kids Holiday Gifts That Can Spy on Them

10/06/17 Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

09/01/17 Do we really see 4,000 ads a day?

08/10/17 The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade

06/28/17 What are the implications of ads that know our search histories?

06/17 A Survey of Addictive Software Design

06/06/17 The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge

06/05/17 How Machine Learning can be used to Predict Customer Behaviour

05/17/17 Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults

04/20/17 Not everyone in advanced economies is using social media

03/13/17 Most people are secretly threatened by creativity

02/24/17 Even the biggest problems in the world are just tiny problems stuck together

02/20/17 Current Trends And Future Prospects Of The Mobile App Market

02/06/17 A Brand is a Relationship

02/02/17 Admiring the Obvious with Luke Wroblewski

02/02/17 Creating Personas #Design Thinking

02/02/17 Mobile-First is Just Not Good Enough

01/30/17 Mobile 2.0

01/19/17 Why we teach our students to read between the lies

01/19/17 Data Can Lie—Here’s A Guide To Calling Out B.S.

01/17/17 Record shares of Americans now own smartphones, have home broadband

01/17/17 Social Media Gives Consumers a Chance to be Heard


12/28/16 Digital Advertising Grew Double Digits Again to Hit $17.6 Billion in Q3

12/23/16 What Exactly is Digital Health?

12/13/16 Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith

12/09/16 Mobile is Eating the World

12/06/16 Google is Shifting to a Mobile First Index

11/21/16 Using big data and predictive analytics to recruit international students

11/03/16 “HyperNormalisation”. Adam Curtis’s Essential Counterhistories

10/29/16 Mobile hardware isn’t all that it seems

07/07/16 Social media engagement: the surprising facts about how much time people spend on the major social networks

06/23/16 24 things about Drupal 8 every CTO should know

05/11/16 Content-First Prototyping

05/05/16 Facebook Has 50 Minutes of Your Time Each Day. It Wants More

04/07/16 Facebook, the world’s most addictive drug

02/05/16 The Soft Skills of Great Digital Organizations

02/01/16 Why we can’t rely on technology for a better future

01/22/16 Beyond the Data: Influencing International Student Decision Making

01/17/16 Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile


12/21/15 Deathmatch: The mobile Web vs. mobile apps

11/24/15 If the Internet is Addictive, Why Don’t we Regulate it?

11/19/15 From Marx to Microsoft: the origins of flat design

08/25/15 Responsive Upscaling: Large-Screen E-Commerce Design

08/25/15 Thinking Responsively: A Framework for Future Learning

07/02/15  What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

07/02/15 Colleges Turn to Social Apps to Recruit Foreign Students

06/16/15 The Homepage Exception

06/11/15 What is Code?

01/26/15 Preparing your campus for prior-prior year


12/03/14 Let’s be intelligent about the artificial intelligence uprising

11/11/14  How Cultural Relativism Affects Web Design

11/23/14 Promiscuous College Come-Ons

11/11/14  How Cultural Relativism Affects Web Design

07/01/14  Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation Study Is Just the Latest Effort to Prod Users

03/09/14  What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

02/17/14  Hooked: How To Make Habit-Forming Products, And When To Stop Flapping


12/10/13 How Instagram Alters Your Memory

12/10/13 After Setbacks, Online Courses Are Rethought

05/06/13 How Much Has The Web Really Changed?

03/23/13 How Much Has The Web Really Changed?


09/29/12 Beyond Wireframing: The Real-Life UX Design Process

08/07/12 Fear of Missing Out Drives Social Media Use

03/23/12 Technology and Persuasion


07/14/11 Content Choreography


05/25/10 Responsive Web Design (How it all began)


10/24/09 Brand = User Experience

05/18/09 “Digital Natives” Die Revolution der Web-Eingeborenen

2018/04 The Digital 1%

2018/04 The Digital 1%

2016/10 Click Me!

2016/10 Click Me!

2016/01 Mobile First

2016/01 Mobile First

2015/04 Content Is King

2015/04 Content is King

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2015/03 Open Source


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