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7 plus Reasons You May NOT Want to Be Self-Employed

Reasons why being your own brand may not the best choice for you A post in progress. Feel free to share your thoughts here at the bottom! Be your own boss – from home! Set your own hours! Earn 20K a month by being your own boss! Sound familiar? I sometimes wonder how good an […]

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Home Office – The Good Life?

Ah, the good life! Working in your pyjamas, eating what you want at your desk – did I say desk? I meant of course the couch, or the bed! No blah blah from colleagues disturbing your train of thought, no morning commute … just you, your laptop, and the coffee machine. Home Office is heaven, right? It’s also a privilege. So many people would like to stay at home, especially in the current situation. If you can work at home, then you are very lucky.