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Creating Digital Solutions to Fit Your Business

Digital Thinking

Creating Digital Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Websites, Workshops, and Content Creation:
Online Marketing for Your Small Business, School, or Nonprofit

Nurturing Inclusion in our Digital Thinking and Planning


Is your company achieving results with your Online Marketing? When is the last time your website was updated or audited? Perhaps your team would like training in WordPress, Drupal, SEO, or the latest Google products? As an Online Marketing Generalist, I can save you money.

Ensure you get the best out of today’s online tools and services. Whether your market is English or German-speaking, my partners and I deliver results for nonprofits, schools, and small businesses.

Warren Laine-Naida


Putting Digital to work for your nonprofit organisation, club, or foundation.



Digital learning is fun, enjoyable, interactive, inclusive, and helps us connect!

Small Business

Small Business

The Web offers your small business a BIG audience. Learn how!

Senior Care

Senior Care

Digital benefits for the Elderly, Caregivers, and their Families.

360° Digital Services


Your online marketing is your first impression. It may be your audience’s only experience with you. Are you reaching them? Come full circle with us. Not all projects fit into the same square box, so let’s work together to create a relationship with your audience.

I can help you make your online marketing effective for your nonprofit, school, small business, or senior-care organisation.

Looking to Improve Website Rankings in Google?

Here are two of my most visited posts:

Page builders might be slowing down your website speed, and spam backlinks may be sending the wrong signals to search engines. Find out more and improve your website today!

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Your Website is Just One Part of Your Online Marketing.

Keeping your processes clean and sustainable mean you’ll be marketing easier, and for decades to come.

In your senior years, you’ll be happy someone had your back. So, why not help those with limited digital experience?

The three online marketing books by Warren Laine-Naida and Bridget Willard. Online marketing help for your small business, nonprofit, or school.

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Small Business, Nonprofit, or School


The three-book Online Marketing series, written together with Marketing Guru Bridget Willard! These books are intended to help small business and nonprofit owners and school marketers get a grasp on the sometimes dizzying world of online marketing.

These books will show you, in easy steps, how you can use the internet to succeed. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things your business does online and offline. Updated for 2023!

SEO All You Need to Know: A 7-Step Book for Beginners


My latest book is aimed at all those who are just starting to deal with the optimization of their website. SEO Basics for beginners is available as paperback and Kindle ebook. 5th Edition May 2024.

Remember, SEO is always also an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Translated from the English by my SEO teaching partner and web designer Bettina Heuser.

Digital Skills for Smart Seniors

A Resource for Seniors, Family Members, and Caregivers

This book offers information for interested Seniors who have little or no digital experience, as well as for caring relatives and professional caregivers. (03/2023)

Digital Skills for Smart Seniors: A Resource for Seniors, Family Members, and Caregivers paperback and ebook by Warren Laine-Naida

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