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Business Advice – Plan, Execute, Measure, Adjust, Succeed!

I’m passionate about training small business owners, schools, and nonprofits, to be active participants in their online marketing efforts. I’ve seen too many business owners victimised by snake oil salespeople, promising much and doing little. And I’ve seen too many business owners left with a bad taste in their mouths, resigned to their helplessness. That has to change. The time for that change is now. My advice here is free too!

Google Shuts Down Free Websites

    What Do You Need to Do? The free websites generated through the Google Business Profile have been shut down. Find out more!

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    How to Super Size Your Freelance Niche

      In a crowded and competitive online space, getting business can be hard. You can throw a lot of money at the problem, or you can work smarter. Leverage yourself and your network. Repurpose what’s in front of you. Don’t just think outside of the box, step outside of it.

      WordPress and the Rise of Full Site Editing

        WordPress is perfect whether you are a beginner or a professional. Use it for your cat’s blog or your online shop. With the Full Site Editor you can design in WordPress even easier!

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        Working as a Senior in Our Digital Economy

          The term “senior” means different things to people. Usually it means someone with more experience. Older workers have more experience but a more difficult time finding work. Why is that? Perhaps freelancing is the answer.

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          Why Marketing Hygiene is so Important to Your Clients and Your Processes

            Marketing Hygiene is the process of maintaining the freshness and function of your marketing tools, processes, and strategies to preserve the overall health and wellbeing of your business.

            Your Online Marketing Hygiene includes your Social Media, Website, Online Shop, Email, Search, and Controlling assets and tactics.

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            Are Cookies Going Away in 2023?

              Google announced that it will phase out 3rd party cookies in the Chrome browser. It also does not plan to build any similar tracking devices. Their plan is for this to happen in 2023. This change will affect anyone advertising with Google Ads, as 3rd party cookies are important for retargeting us when we move from one website to another.


              The Sweet Aroma of (Marketing) Empathy

                When we start a business, we look at the big picture. We often lose that one-to-one customer empathy, which directly affects how well our business performs.

                2016/04 The Client Worksheet

                The Client Worksheet

                  Creating a plan for your website ensures nothing gets left out. Think about who the website is for, and what they will use it for.