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Online Marketing Hygiene and Sustainability Consulting

If you want no other reason to be hygienic in your online marketing, it is so you win.

A clean process, pipeline, tool, or workflow, allows things to go from A to B faster, easier, effectively and more efficiently. There is less friction. Speeds wins.

This is why an electric car can go faster than a gas powered car. Less moving parts. Less energy lost between those parts. The power goes from the battery directly to the wheels.


What does Hygiene have to do with online marketing?

Marketing Hygiene is the process of maintaining the freshness and function of our marketing tools, processes, and strategies to preserve the overall health and wellbeing of your business.

Hygiene can do more than save our online marketing – keeping our processes clean, also means keeping them sustainable.

Sustainability can save the planet. It can also save you time.

We think most often of sustainability as having to do with the climate, food production and consumption, even our survival as a species. 

Sustainability can also be about how we build or decorate our homes, or what we wear. It can be about our personal, work, or cultural relationships.

What do we mean by “Unhygienic” Online Marketing?

Unhygienic online marketing is not best practice. It is broken marketing, and it is slowing you down.

  • + Unoptimized popups and overlays
  • + Complicated signup processes
  • + Slow loading websites
  • + Fake reviews
  • + Freebies that cost
  • + Slow response time to queries
  • … and so much more

PAACP can help fix what’s broken

PAACP: Problem Analysis Acute Control Points

Phase 1: Conducting an Online Marketing Hygiene Analysis


There are two main components:

Problem Analysis: Identifying and analysing risks present in your marketing. In particular, problem analysis centres on evaluating potential sources of failure.

Acute Control Points: Looking at key junctures in your marketing at which controls can be applied to prevent or eliminate problems, or to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

PAACP Phase 2: Creating Clean & Sustainable Online Marketing

  1. Reviewing and monitoring new procedures put into place
  2. Curative actions to help build sustainability
  3. Verifying and testing that all procedures are robust
  4. Training and commitment to build a legacy of clean, sustainable marketing

Online Marketing Hygiene and Sustainability Consulting Pricing

My consulting fees begin at 640,00 a day. Please contact me for a quote specific to your project and timing requirements.

Our Online Marketing Hygiene is as Important to the Success of Our Business as Personal Hygiene is to Our Quality of Life

What can we do to make our marketing more hygienic?

SOCIAL MEDIA– engagement / respecting permission / pruning old posts

WEBSITES – pruning our sitemap / compressing images / updating content

EMAILS– asking people to unsubscribe / segmenting our segments

ANALYTICS – cleaning our funnels / recalibrating those ROI checks

SEO – are those search phrases from August 2022 or August 2021?

Everyone Deserves a Website

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