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Why Marketing Hygiene is so Important to Your Clients and Your Processes

    Marketing Hygiene is the process of maintaining the freshness and function of your marketing tools, processes, and strategies to preserve the overall health and wellbeing of your business.

    Your Online Marketing Hygiene includes your Social Media, Website, Online Shop, Email, Search, and Controlling assets and tactics.

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    I Recently Joined SEO Anonymous

      Today, most people are visible and have some presence on the internet. The internet pulsates and throbs with the artistic progeny of literally billions of people. From TikTok to Blogs, Facebook to Pinterest, Amazon to eBay, the world wide web is bloated with our well-intended artistic creations and our constant need to be found and heard. Is it too much?


      Online Pornography: When Too Much Delight Gets in the Way of Satisfaction

        Online pornography is just one example of when too much delight, over an extended period, is bad. Expectations of porn sex in our own relationships are high, and only a few people can meet them, and probably not for a prolonged time. Online pornography, like any other customer expectations we are continually trying to exceed, is simply not sustainable.

        We all do social media

        We Are All Experts

          As a lecturer, consultant and networker, Warren teaches online marketing to the people who are furthest away from digital technology: senior citizens. A target group-oriented approach is indispensable. At CBM, he passes on his know-how and his wealth of experience to participants.

          Learning Social Success

          Learning Social Success

            We hear the terms „online community“ and „social networks“ quite often. The temptation is to think these are so much different than any other community or ways of socialising. They certainly seem to have morphed into something different. The underlying rules of social interaction, however, haven’t.

            2017/09 (Anti-) Social Media

            (Anti-) Social Media

              Are all the tools and access to information making us less prepared and informed?

              The third-place win of the German right wing AfD party in the recent election there left many people stunned.  Stories in the media asking who voted for the AfD mirrored those in the US after Donald Trump was elected president. Almost as if something was happening that no one had any idea about. Like a cold shower hit them.  In our always-connected lives, it is very interesting that many people are living in such a bubble.  Read More »(Anti-) Social Media

              2017/08 Conversation is King

              Conversation is King

                Social media-The state of conversation today

                Remember life before the internet and mobile devices?  Remember communicating without emojis? How about sending a letter to the editor and having it edited before it appeared a week later in the local paper? Turning the radio off and driving to work without hearing a phone or navi?  Do you recall not mistaking propaganda for news, or having friends who had beliefs different from your own?  Then you missed a great breakfast meeting Tuesday with just such people.  Hope you can join us next time.Read More »Conversation is King