2019/04 Quo Vadis WordPress

Quo Vadis WordPress

Quo Vadis WordPress Last quarter we relaunched four websites in three CMS. The quickest was of course produced (mostly on a train with wonky wlan) in WordPress. I say of course because a WordPress website is simple to build and maintain, normally works for every occasion, and is very cheap to produce.  WordPress sites are ubiquitous, […]

Are We Failing HTML?

Are We Failing HTML 101?

Just like your average website, HTML has come a long way When I was at school there was no HTML, no internet, no websites, but there was BASIC with which we programmed small games – and which was a hell of a lot of fun.  As I have written before, learning some sort of code, […]

2018/02 A Shout Out for WordPress

A Shout Out for WordPress

What is this WordPress CMS anyway? I have been giving a lot of WordPress workshops lately, and was wondering what I should write about this month.  Looking through my past posts, I saw my Shout out for Drupal and thought it perhaps unfair that I have not written anything about WordPress.  So here we are. What is […]

2017/11 (What is) Responsive Design?

(What is) Responsive Design?

Addressing the ever-changing landscape of devices by creating flexible, fluid and adaptive Web sites When people talk about a Responsive Website, they are usually talking about one that works well on a mobile phone. Responsive means however, that it should work on any size screen. Even larger ones. There are more than 200 (about) different […]