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Website Design

WordPress and the Rise of Full Site Editing

    WordPress is perfect whether you are a beginner or a professional. Use it for your cat’s blog or your online shop. With the Full Site Editor you can design in WordPress even easier!

    2019/04 Quo Vadis WordPress

    Quo Vadis WordPress

      Quo Vadis WordPress Last quarter we relaunched four websites in three CMS. The quickest was of course produced (mostly on a train with wonky wlan) in WordPress. I say of course because a WordPress website is simple to build and maintain,… Read More »Quo Vadis WordPress

      2017/11 (What is) Responsive Design?

      (What is) Responsive Design?

        Addressing the ever-changing landscape of devices, browsers, screen sizes and orientations by creating flexible, fluid and adaptive Web sites.

        2016/04 The Client Worksheet

        The Client Worksheet

          Create a business plan for your website So you want to have an agency build your website.  I’ve put together this handy worksheet to help you think about the project. This is a business plan for your website. The more… Read More »The Client Worksheet

          2015/10 Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

          Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

            A workshop together with Bright Solutions at the German Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation Jahrestagungen in 2015. The steps are still relevant today!