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Website Design – Great Sites Enhance User Experience!

“The internet is blind – it’s the words that matter.” Search engines are certainly blind to your pretty pictures, but a well-designed website is important for loading times, and a decent conversion rate. Good UI helps create a good UX, and a good user experience can help you make a lasting impression with your visitors. It costs you nothing to design with Canva, WordPress, Photopea and other free tools. I bet you’re more creative than you think.

WordPress and the Rise of Full Site Editing

    WordPress is perfect whether you are a beginner or a professional. Use it for your cat’s blog or your online shop. With the Full Site Editor you can design in WordPress even easier!

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    Let’s Talk User Experience

      User Experience defines our perceptions of aspects of a system such as utility, ease of use, and efficiency. Ensure a good UX on your website by having updated content.

      2019/04 Quo Vadis WordPress

      Quo Vadis WordPress

        No matter how many websites you build, each one is different. Sticking to a script is not half as interesting as letting WordPress tell it’s own story, which is invariably what it does in each new website.

        Are We Failing HTML?

        Are We Failing HTML 101?

          Learning, understanding, and correctly writing HTML is important not only for yourself but for others. If you build something that does not work, it will be difficult for anyone to use. If something goes wrong in your website, it’s important that you are able to fix it.

          2018/02 A Shout Out for WordPress

          A Shout Out for WordPress

            WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!  “What do you want your website to do for you?” Use the tools necessary for the project you are doing.

            2016/04 The Client Worksheet

            The Client Worksheet

              Creating a plan for your website ensures nothing gets left out. Think about who the website is for, and what they will use it for.

              2016/03 Defining New Defaults In Web Design

              Defining New Defaults in Web Design

                The most important thing for a phone, for instance, is battery life. For your website, it’s important that people can access your content.

                2015/10 Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

                Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

                  A workshop together with Bright Solutions at the German Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation Jahrestagungen in 2015. The steps are still relevant today!