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Digital Thinking v2.0

Websites, Online Marketing, and Our Digital Flânerie

an image of Digital Thinking v2.0 by Warren Laine-Naida

Is Your Online Marketing Working for You? It Should.

Are you looking to understand how digital literacy affects your marketing? If you don’t understand the big picture, your efforts will be wasted. This book digs into the strategic why of online marketing. It helps you understand where your customers are.

Think Digital! Understanding the digital literacy or level of competence of your audience will help shape your marketing strategy. This isn’t another trendy “how-to” book; it’s a book to widen your perspective so that you can see where your customers are today and be where they are tomorrow

Who is this Book For?

This book is for everyone who is interested in how digital is shaping our world – whether you are a novice or a professional. Is our digital culture of interest to you? Then this book is for you!

Digital Thinking v2.0: Websites, Online Marketing, and Our Digital Flânerie is available on Kindle or as a paperback. If you would like a signed copy, order from me directly. You may also order in bulk for your school or organisation. 

5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful read that got me thinking Rob Cairns

“This may be V2.0 but nothing has changed the fact that this is first and foremost a book about thinking, not a tutorial or reference.”

What’s New in Digital Thinking V2.0? What’s Changed in Our World Since 2020? 

It’s been an incredible two years since “Digital Thinking: Websites, Online Marketing, and so much more” was released. The Corona pandemic finished what Digital Transformation began by moving digital culture out of our offices and schools and into our homes.

  • + Our New Digital Culture
  • + Smart Seniors
  • + How We Use Our Devices
  • + Web 2.0 for Business and Pleasure
  • + Website Development and Other Stuff
  • + School is Never Out
  • + A Person’s Home is Their Castle/Office
  • + Our Online Shopping Habit
  • + Virtual Relationships, Sex, and Health
  • + Enjoying Our Offline Connections

Digital Thinking v2.0: Websites, Online Marketing, and Our Digital Flânerie brings together two more years of learnings clustered in a user-friendly format. Even if you don’t work in an online industry, you will appreciate what is offered to the Digital Flâneur in everyone!

Rob Cairns and I talked about the book on his “Stunning Digital Marketing” show – the full transcript is found here.

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About the Author

I have worked in online communications and marketing since 1994, and have built more than 300 websites for customers around the globe. In the last year I worked together with Bridget Willard to write three online marketing books for small businesses, nonprofits, and schools.

My first book, Digital Thinking: Websites, Online Marketing, and so much more, was a result of the learnings I have taken away with me from those projects, and which I have been writing about on my blog since 2015. Digital Thinking V2.0 is a much awaited look at what’s been happening during the COVID pandemic and the move to home office and home school for most all of us. I hope this book be of use to you in understanding and working with any aspect of online communication!

SEO, Digital Transformation, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Drupal, WordPress, Email Marketing, Online Education, Digital Competence, eCommerce … Digital Thinking is not a method or a technology. It’s a way of understanding our world. 

What do we Mean by “Digital”?

Digital is about good communication – which includes online and offline tools and skills. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things you do everywhere.

“Digital” means different things to different people. Is “Digital” a website, an application, a service, your marketing, sales, education, or is it perhaps a way of thinking?

You could add „Digital“ to any of these terms to begin a relevant discussion: Inequality, Divides and Access – Privacy, and Surveillance – Politics, Subversion and Warfare – Identity, Community – Law, Ethics – Collectivism versus individualism – Femininity versus masculinity – Uncertainty avoidance – Long versus short-term orientation – Sex – Learning and Teaching …

The internet is about inclusion, not isolation. It is about bringing people together, not shutting them into bubbles. It is about good communication – which includes online and offline tools and skills. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things you do everywhere.

Digital is a way for you to make new connections and share with the world. It’s a foundational skill that you can apply to grow your business for years to come, no matter how quickly technology changes and trends rise and fall. If you’re not as tech literate as you’d like to be, that’s okay. Communication, online or offline, is not a contest.

Participate. Try. Fail. Try again. Just do it.

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