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The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Nonprofit

Your nonprofit is a business; treat it like one

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Nonprofit book. Warren Laine-Naida and Bridget Willard.
an image of the only online marketing book you need for your nonprofit

About the Book

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Nonprofit is the second book in a series of three intended to help businesses, schools, and organisations get a grasp on the sometimes dizzying world of online marketing.

This book will fuel your interest and excitement about what digital offers your nonprofit or foundation, and how you can use the internet to succeed. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things your business does online and offline. It’s an exciting time!

Successful businesses and foundations have marketing campaigns. The only difference is that one campaign is to sell a product to fit the buyer’s lifestyle and identity and the other sells a donation to fit the buyer’s lifestyle and identity.

This book also includes a chapter written by the founder of Groundhogg, Adrian Tobey called “Your nonprofit is bleeding money if you’re not leveraging CRM & Marketing Automation.”

This is the second book in a three book series for small business, nonprofits, and schools.

Online marketing and communication is a way for you to make new connections and share with the world. It’s a foundational skill that you can apply to grow your organization for years to come, no matter how quickly technology changes and trends rise and fall. If you’re uncomfortable with tech, that’s okay. Communication, online or offline, is not a contest.

Participate. Try. Fail. Learn. Try again. Succeed!

14 Chapters + 1 Bonus Chapter

Over 200 pages of online marketing knowledge to help your Nonprofit. Information you can use right away for your Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Creation, and Search Engine Optimisation.

CHAPTER 1 But My Nonprofit isn’t a Business. (Yes it is.)

CHAPTER 2 Why Does a Nonprofit Need Marketing?

CHAPTER 3 Are You Taking Advantage of GivingTuesday?

CHAPTER 4 A Brief Introduction to Online Marketing

CHAPTER 5 Your Website: You do HAVE a Website, Right?

CHAPTER 6 The Nonprofit Worksheet

CHAPTER 7 People’s Intent: Search and SEO

CHAPTER 8 Landing Pages 101

CHAPTER 9 Be In The Conversation: Social Media

CHAPTER 10 Paid Online Advertising

CHAPTER 11 Getting Permission: Email Marketing

CHAPTER 12 Measurement: Analytics and Tracking

CHAPTER 13 Playing Fair: Internet Rules and the Law

CHAPTER 14 Your nonprofit is bleeding money if you’re not leveraging CRM & Marketing Automation by Adrian Tobey

Bonus Chapter: Now, Increase Your Knowledge – An introduction to Agile, Design Thinking, eCommerce, and thoughts about our digital culture

Who is this Nonprofit Marketing Book For?

This book will help you better understand what digital offers your Nonprofit so that you can partner with the right vendor, hire the right employees, and use the internet to succeed. This book is for Nonprofit managers and volunteers.

Do you want to learn more about who your audience is and how to connect with them? Do you want to learn how to create online marketing campaigns and websites? Then this book is for you.

4 Important Online Marketing Tips for Your Nonprofit

4 Things your nonprofit should be doing online right now:

1. Remember, you ARE a business
2. Make sure your donation function is online and integrated in a very simple system like paypal, or using a plugin like
3. Be very transparent in your promotions and content marketing. What are you doing with this money? Really extending that feel good!
4. Don’t be afraid of partnering with a company

You can view more of our videos in our Small Business and Nonprofit series, with more tips and tricks, on our youtube playlist.

Do you have the book, but have questions?

About the Authors

Warren Laine-Naida

Warren Laine-Naida built his first website in 1998. Since then he has worked for clients around the globe on websites for universities, pharmaceuticals, technology, and entertainment. Today he teaches Online Marketing and consults with small businesses and nonprofits about their online communication. Warren is the author of two novels, and his 2020 book “Digital Thinking: Websites, Online Marketing, and more” is available in both English and German. When not plugged into the net, Warren cooks, writes novels, and sculpts in chocolate. Visit Warren Laine-Naida on amazon

“Warren brings an in-depth knowledge of website development to every project. He is a gifted teacher and an excellent mentor.”

Bridget Willard photo

Bridget Willard is a marketing consultant who specializes in managing small business social media accounts in the WordPress industry. If it is a B2B sector, she knows about it, has written about it, or has worked in it. Her passion is to teach small business owners to do their own social by emphasizing social science. When she’s not writing about marketing, she is watching baseball or basketball, learning languages, or walking in nature. Visit Bridget Willard on amazon

“I highly recommend anyone in the WordPress space that wants to have a digital connection but isn’t sure how, or doesn’t have the time to self manage, to work with Bridget.”