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Grow Your Service Business with Google Ads: A Hands-on Guide

This course outline is designed for beginners with a focus on service-based businesses owned by women.

It will be a 2-hour session divided into an informative overview and a hands-on practical session.

For this course, you should have a Gmail address that you can use to log in to Google Ads.

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April 24 Live via Zoom

Part 1: Demystifying Google Ads for Service Businesses

  • Introduction (10 minutes)
    • Welcome and Course Overview
    • Brief introduction
    • Benefits of Google Ads for service-based businesses (increased brand awareness, targeted lead generation, local reach)
  • Online Marketing via Search Engines – How Does it Work? (15 minutes)
    • Understanding the concept of Pay-Per-Click (SEA) advertising vs Organic results in the SERPs (SEO)
    • Real-world examples of Google Ads for local service businesses (e.g., photographers, consultants, nonprofits, and course creators)
  • The Benefits of Google Ads for Women-Owned Businesses (15 minutes)
    • Specific advantages for women-owned businesses (reach a wider audience, compete effectively, showcase expertise)
    • Targeting options to reach ideal clients (demographics, interests, location targeting)
    • Success stories of women-owned businesses using Google Ads
  • Campaign Planning for Service Businesses (10 minutes)
    • Defining your advertising goals (e.g., website visits, phone calls, appointment bookings)
    • The concept of budgeting and setting realistic expectations
    • Different campaign types suitable for service businesses (Search Network campaigns with a focus on local services)

10 Minute Break

Part 2: Hands-on Google Ads for Beginners

  • Setting Up a Google Ads Account (10 minutes)
    • Walking through the account creation process
    • Basic account settings and navigation explained
  • Building Your First Search Network Campaign (40 minutes)
    • Creating a new campaign with a focus on local services
    • Defining your target audience (location targeting, demographics)
    • Keyword research: Brainstorm relevant keywords for your service and location using free tools like Google Keyword Planner
    • Writing compelling ad copy: The structure of text ads (headline, description, call to action) and tips for writing effective ad copy
    • Setting a daily budget
  • Q&A and Next Steps (10 minutes)

Big Impact, Small Budget: Google Ads for Your Businesses

Google Ads with a small budget are a great way for your service business to accelerate your online marketing. They allow for targeted advertising to reach ideal customers searching for specific services, all at a cost that’s manageable and helps build brand awareness over time.

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