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Yes, Your Small Business or Nonprofit Can Get Results from Google Ads on a Tiny Budget

    Last Updated on March 17, 2024

    Your Small Business in the Big Internet

    Think your small business is too small for Google ads? Think again. But how much should you spend on ads? The marketing spend for small businesses is recommended to be about eight percent of sales, depending on your market. It’s true that traditional marketing can be expensive and far out of the reach of most small businesses, even with that eight percent — especially since a national TV ad can cost you a $250,000 for thirty seconds. Newspaper ads cost about $100k 

    It’s easy to be frustrated with marketing since it is time-consuming and a bit confusing. That’s okay. It’s a continual and dynamic learning experience. Marketing is the middle ground where business, psychology, and art meet. So – it should be fun, right?

    Online Marketing seems to have been made for the small business owner with big ideas, the talent for making things happen, but a small budget. 

    Media cost (the price you pay to display, run, or present your advertisement or campaign during a specified date range or campaign period) for a national SEO campaign? Free. Media cost for a national web content marketing campaign? Free. Cost for a national Google Ads campaign? Not free, but also extremely accessible.

    Strategies to Guide Customers or Donors to What They are Looking for

    When people look for something on a search engine such as Google, they expect the search to return results (websites), completely satisfying their requirements. That’s what SEO is all about: People finding you.

    Searching for something can be complicated because websites are filled with content written in different ways, and are often laid out counterproductively. In the end, Search Engines are mostly blind to both website design and our intent, among other things. Or, as Bridget likes to say, “the Internet is blind; it’s the words that matter.”

    Search Engine Advertising helps give your business an edge. It is the practice of buying ad space that appears in the search results (text ads) or on the websites of the display network (banner ads). You can ensure your website is technically sound, filled with useful information, and you can purchase ads like Google Ads. 

    Bridget Willard and Warren Laine-Naida – Google Ads for Your small Business

    Why Are Google Ads Good for Small Businesses?

    Every day, billions of potential customers search for products, companies, or services on Google. With Google text ads, your ad appears in the first place in the search – exactly for the users who have searched for the matching term. Advertising that matches intent with an offer!

    For as little as a dollar a day, small businesses can use Google Ads to research their competition, learn what potential customers are looking for, and be one click away from a sale. One dollar. You can even have success with fifty cents. Tell the TV networks that with a nod and a wink! 

    Increasing your online presence doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. It is a misconception that Google Ads is only for large companies with correspondingly high budgets. Google Ads is also worthwhile for startups and small businesses with a small marketing budget. Even with a small budget, companies can increase their brand awareness, gain online visibility, and generate more traffic or sales.

    Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

    Joerg Geissler has been a Google Ads Partner since 1993. His diverse client roster includes large clients in the airline industry, mid-sized clients in the real estate and medical fields, and boutique jewelers in old East Berlin. He really likes Google search ads for small businesses, especially for local search. 

     Google ads are always useful if you have a relevant offer and are not one of the thousands out there. This is mostly the case for any local business. Google is also supporting this without cost if you are using the “Google my Business” entry. This is a unique chance you have in online marketing – finding out what is successful at what cost. 

     For small local businesses, google offers additional opportunities like measuring store visits based on your ads. Regarding the cost, while it’s true that the more you spend, the better the results are, this is simply the validity of statistics. Using all the chances, you have to measure and improve your online marketing is the key to success. Google search is the gold standard for learning in real-time, and Google Ads is a great way to get on board.”

    How About Google for Nonprofits?

    What would you do with 10,000 USD in free Google Ads? 

    How can you, as a Nonprofit organization or NGO, use Google products without spending a lot of money? Quite simple: By applying for a corresponding program. 

    If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, we can help you with words and deeds. And of course, also with the implementation and programming of the free ads Google provides.

    More than 20,000 Nonprofit organizations in over 50 countries already benefit from the Google Ad Grants program.

    How We Can Help?

    We can help your small business by setting up and managing your Google Ads. Google text ads for search, Google display ads, and Google My Business –  when combined — are three services that will help your business grow. When a professional helps you with your Google toolkit, you can generate more website traffic for your business. Who doesn’t want that? The budget is always precisely adapted to your specific goals. And, you can always keep an eye on the different possibilities when marketing your small business with Text or Display ads.

    We have been helping small businesses with their online marketing for more than for thirty years. As a small business ourselves, we understand what it’s like to count the dollars and to compete in a competitive marketplace. We run Google Ads for clients in various marketplaces around the globe, for a variety of products and services. And, we run them for our products. We’re in this together.

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