The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your School (2022)

Educational Marketing 101: School is in! Written together with Bridget Willard.

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Nonprofit (2021)

Your nonprofit is a business; treat it like one. Written together with Bridget Willard.

The Only Online Marketing Book You Need for Your Small Business (2021)

Includes 8 Actionable Steps to Amazing Online Marketing. Written together with Bridget Willard.

Digital Thinking v2.0: Websites, Online Marketing, and Our Digital Flânerie (2022)

How is home school, home office, and home shopping working out for you? Available as paperback and Kindle eBook.

Digital Thinking: Websites, Online Marketing, and more (2020)

Is Your Online Marketing Working for You? It Should. Available in English – und auf Deutsch.

And Five Books to Enjoy When You Unplug From a Long Day!

like so many pearls before a swine: a love story (2022)

Compared to a nasty jellyfish sting or losing a finger in a hog snare, there is no visible damage after you have fallen in love. Recovery is often swift, but there can be an extended period of lingering trauma. Compared to the dangers of pearl diving and pig farming, falling in love is a walk in the park.

A Wrinkle in the Glass (2022)

Food, wine, romance, and murder! If you enjoyed “The University Club – A Campus Affair” and “Not Now, Katrin”, you will simply not believe how the final part of Katrin’s trilogy wraps up. Hold on tight!  Includes a brand new, final recipe, as well as passages intended for an adult (18+) audience.

Not Now, Katrin (2020)

Kathy Lawson quietly preps veggie chips at trendy Maples restaurant until she meets Kate Morris who tips her world upside down. The sequel to The University Club, this book also contains 8 original recipes.

The University Club – A Campus Affair (2020)

A humorous and steamy look behind the scenes of food services and campus life, which will leave you glued to the pages and reaching for the second bottle of wine. Contains the recipe for bacon chocolate truffles!

Art in Chocolate (2009)

This Artist Book contains full-page images of my chocolate sculptures, short story vignettes, as well as four unique, seasonal recipes. In English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, and Japanese.