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The Sweet Aroma of (Marketing) Empathy

    Last Updated on February 18, 2024

    Design your Small Business experience around the customer journey

    Small Business advice from the Corporate sector? For sure! Working in the Berlin start up scene, Konstantin Mihov (twitter @imperfiction) is no stranger to out of the box thinking. With a degree in pyschology, and an abundance of his own talents which include piano, photography, and fashion, he is also no stranger to creativity. Konstantin joined @BridgetMWillard and I last week to talk about his own experiences as an entrepreneur during the early days of facebook, twitter, and the world wide web.

    Seeing the world through your customer’s eyes

    When we start a business, we’re looking at the big picture. When we look at the big picture, we often lose that one-to-one customer empathy, which directly affects how well our business performs. There may indeed be a connection between online marketing, which is just the computer and the machine, and a kind of some desensitization that has happened lately.

    What would you say to a small business owner who realizes that they’ve done that, that they’re looking at the whole thing and not really thinking about that experience from the customer’s point of view?

    It’s a super tough time. It’s a challenge, not just for a small business. My day job is also something, I think a lot of your guests have a day job as well, in addition to this. If I try to imagine how my work, my life would have been, if I had actually kept on my perfume hobby as a business and tried to grow it. That’s a big challenge for a lot of people.

    How can you both understand the entire customer journey and design your experience around the customer journey?

    At the same time, keeping in mind the pressure that comes from actually managing an effective business, which is not a pressure where you can afford to empathize with every single individual. That is an extremely tough challenge. Even more difficult as you alluded to, because when with most of the things that we do nowadays, we try to interact about it through digital medium.

    “Creating an emotional connection is exactly part of a successful customer journey.”

    A lot of the things we might end up getting, or are marketed are non-digital, and they require some kind of emotional connection. Creating that emotional connection is exactly part of that user journey that has to be created. Then there’s a third challenge in that, which is, well, it’s our baby. And so if it’s my baby, I have a much more different emotional attachment to it than my customer would.

    Not everyone is going to be able to juggle this – most people would not. So finding a partner is critical. My day job is much more closely connected to the startup ecosystem. There isn’t a single startup that is successful and emerged as being led by a single person. You typically have a very strong dual, or it’s not even a trio of people who have strong complementary skills, in order to enhance the overall product experience and everything that comes with that in order to make the business.

    Konstantin Mihov, Bridget Willard and Warren Laine-Naida – Perfume and Business

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