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Why Marketing Hygiene is so Important to Your Clients and Your Processes

    Marketing Hygiene is the process of maintaining the freshness and function of your marketing tools, processes, and strategies to preserve the overall health and wellbeing of your business.

    Your Online Marketing Hygiene includes your Social Media, Website, Online Shop, Email, Search, and Controlling assets and tactics.

    Warren Laine-Naida Five New Shiny Digital Marketing Trends That Never Changed Marketing

    Five New Shiny Digital Marketing Trends That Never Changed Marketing

      Sure, even a senior digital marketer like myself can discuss niche influencers and prosumers and how personalisation and leadership lead to productivity in new work. Or we can just talk about how your marketing campaigns pushed sales numbers up this quarter. Which makes more sense to you?

      The Customer Journey is Just Like Your Own

      All Aboard the Customer Journey

        Digital is redefining our customer experiences, the value chain, fullfilment processes, marketing, sales, and customer loyalty. As we become more catered to and become more demanding, what we used to expect in the way of Customer Satisfaction is morphing into a demand for Customer Delight.

        warrenlainenaida 2020 resolutions

        2020 A New Decade, and some New Resolutions

          As they say – don’t think about what you have done, think about what you will do! 80% of resolutions normally fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against us. How did I do with my 2019 resolutions? How did YOU do? :o)

          eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

          eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

            An important characteristic of eCommerce is that it is not really a distinct sector. When we talk about eCommerce, the concept that usually comes to mind is of course online shopping. eCommerce means enabling all of an organisation’s operations. It is not enough to just set up an online shop.

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            Everyone Deserves a Good Website

              I googled “working for non-profits”, which many of my clients are, and I found results for 5 reasons, 8 reasons, 12 reasons, 19 reasons. I think there is 1 good reason to work for non-profits, small local businesses, and educational organisations.

              2018/12 A Very Digital Christmas

              A Very Digital Christmas

                Happy Computing to all, and to all a good night! ‘Twas but days before Christmas, when all through the office, Marketing was working, our campaigns were flawless. Adwords were measured on our tablets with care, In hopes that our bonuses… Read More »A Very Digital Christmas

                2017/10 Marketing Never Sleeps

                Marketing Never Sleeps

                  4 stages to student marketing and communication

                  Trying to figure out what’s the best way to communicate with prospective students? Do you use email or social media?  Do you prefer telephone contact, messaging, or a written letter? What’s the best way for enrolment professionals to meet their goals in this fast-changing & highly competitive environment?Read More »Marketing Never Sleeps

                  2016/11 The Student In The Machine

                  The Student in the Machine

                    Big data and student recruitment

                    A recent article in Times Higher Education addressed big data and student recruitment. A very timely article. During the recent US election campaign, President Donald Trump spent considerably more of his budget on big data voter research (this is not polling) than Hillary Clinton. Some of his money went to Cambridge Analytica whose clients have included the UK Ministry of Defence, the US State Department, and NATO to name a few.Read More »The Student in the Machine

                    2016/10 Click Me!

                    Click Me!

                      Connecting one on one with potential students

                      It is said that Higher Education student recruitment is a 4 billion dollar business – and that is just in the US. We were crunching the numbers the other day, comparing the number of freshies with the average cost of recruiting a student, and we are going to suggest that that number is probably really kind of low. But, it’s a big number.Read More »Click Me!

                      2015/02 Understanding International Students

                      Understanding International Students

                        Hobsons released a new report called Beyond the data: Influencing international student decision making. The report is based on Hobsons’ International Student Survey and provides important insights into how international students decide where they will go for study abroad.

                        2015/01 The Promiscuous College Come-on …

                        The Promiscuous College Come-ons …

                          Not only are colleges marketing like crazy these days, but students are casting their nets ever wider in the number of applications they submit. The internet makes this easy.