The Sweet Aroma of (Marketing) Empathy

Small Business advice from the Corporate sector? For sure! Working in the Berlin start up scene, Konstantin Mihov (twitter @imperfiction) is no stranger to out of the box thinking. With a degree in pyschology, and an abundance of his own talents which include piano, photography, and fashion, he is also no stranger to creativity. Konstantin […]

Agile Design Thinking Mindfulness 09/2019 foto by Gratisography @ pexels

Agile, Design Thinking, Mindfulness – Embracing Small to Win Big

Speed wins. If you can do something faster, you have a better chance to succeed. If you can ideate faster, produce faster, test faster, win customers faster, and innovate faster than your competitors you will win. But, is being fast and winning necessarily the best goal to have? This month, Charlie and I look at a much more upbeat, positive side of Digital Transformation – the methodologies that are on the cusp of this transformation. Learning to fail in order to succeed, taking the time to reflect, being people-focused, and being authentic.