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Social Champ – Your Social Media Automation Toolkit – Review 2022

    Social Media isn’t a Game, but You Can Be a Champ!

    It’s no secret that social media is the proven way to build your brand’s identity and introduce it to the world. I’ve talked about this on many posts, alone, and with Bridget Willard. Whether for your Small Business, Nonprofit, or School, maintaining your online presence and posting new ideas daily can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We get it! To lessen your extra efforts and energy, you need social media tools.

    Let me introduce you to a powerful solution that can break your daily social media struggles –  presenting Social Champ

    A comprehensive social media management tool that helps you to create, schedule and analyze your posts on major social media platforms. It is a pretty affordable tool without any dip in performance. 

    Social Champ is an all-in-one social media automation tool used for media management and content scheduling. This social media management tool can help businesses automate their social media presence and streamline posting on social platforms. 

    What Is Social Champ? – Your Social Media Toolkit in 2022 and Beyond! 

    From scheduling posts to recycling content, Social Champ has it all. It allows social media managers to schedule postings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

    Some Key Features of Social Champ 

    Social Champ has become the choice of businesses due to its easy workflows, excellent features, and unmatched customer service. Its dashboard is super easy to navigate, allowing users to publish content on all social profiles seamlessly. 

    Since Social Champ has launched a freemium plan (all premium features absolutely free), it has become a reliable tool for social media managers. This all-in-one tool has made social media posting hassle-free – we have broken down the features below. 

    Social Media Calendar

    Social media posting and scheduling have become more manageable with Social Champ’s all-in-one social media calendar. Users can view, edit, delete, and reschedule their content directly from the calendar. 

    Social Champ’s social media calendar helps users manage all their publishing activities effortlessly within just a few clicks.

    Content Suggestion

    Social Champ’s content suggestion feature will help you with content curation if you are stuck on ideas. You can save time by searching for impressive content to share on social networks within the platform. Users can search for as many keywords as they want, and content suggestions will bring a list of the best content pieces from all over the internet.

    Recycle Content

    You can repurpose your social media content to make it useful for a longer time. Users can save their favorite social media posts in collections and keep them for future use. With the recycle content feature, you can set campaigns on your social profiles and add post collections to keep up with consistent posting. 

    Team Collaboration 

    Social Champ allows multiple team members to work on different campaigns, collections, and calendars. Owners can assign different roles to team members, such as admin, author, and editor. It would allow you to enable post approvals to keep a check on all posts that go up on your social media accounts.

    Monitoring Analytics

    Social Champ provides an excellent analytics feature to get an overview of your performance. With this feature, you can find the best time to post for each individual channel and download presentation-ready analytics reports with charts and graphs in PDF format. 

    From recent posts insights to engagement tracking, follower count, and understandable reports – Social Champ is a win-win for social media managers and digital businesses. 

    Bulk Upload 

    Using the bulk uploader, you can schedule multiple posts at once. With a CSV file (comma-separated values), you can add URLs, texts, images, hashtags, and mentions to the posts that you have scheduled in bulk. All these posts are either scheduled in queues or custom time slots. 

    Sentiment Analysis

    Everyone wants to know how their posts sound to the target consumers, and Social Champ’s sentiment analysis comes in handy here. You can create posts, add emojis and trendy hashtags to make your content more engaging. Click on sentiment analysis to view a quick analysis showing whether the post was positive, negative, mixed, or neutral. 


    Using the powerful Social Inbox by Social Champ, you can bring all conversations under one roof. The engage feature allows you to reply to all comments, messages, reviews, and mentions from the platform. You can set labels, filters, and automated messages to save time and streamline conversations. 

    Tool Integration & Apps

    Social champ provides multiple integrations for all users, such as;

    • It is a URL shortener and can be used within the dashboard by activating it in settings. Once you have activated bitly for your Social Champ’s account, all links will automatically convert into a short link. Switching off the toggle will turn off Bitly for your chosen platforms and content. 
    • Canva and VistaCreate: With Canva and VistaCreate integrations, users can create illustrations and designs within the dashboard and make posts more interactive and aesthetic. 
    • With integration, users can repurpose video content for their social profiles. 
    • Google Drive & DropBox: Directly upload visuals from the cloud to your content dashboard for easy scheduling. 
    • Chrome Browser Extension: With the chrome extension, users can share the content on the web with a single click. You just need to highlight the content on any website, then right-click on “Social Champ” and post it to various social profiles without hassle. 
    • iOS and Android App: With Social Champ’s iOS and Android app, users can manage multiple social accounts remotely. You can use Social Champ’s application on any device to edit, publish, and schedule content whenever you want.

    Social Champ Is a Win-Win Toolkit for Digital Businesses

    Social Champ has been in the business for over 5 years now and has garnered widespread recognition among the IT and digital business sectors. Social Champ is known for its innovative features with a vibrant and easy-to-use interface. 

    With Social Champ’s freemium plan, users can enjoy premium features for free for as long as they want, and due to this, it has become the top choice of social media managers. 

    Take a look at the features which set Social Champ apart from other social media management tools. Here is a quick rundown:

    • Manage all the social media accounts from one centralized dashboard. 
    • Allows users to collaborate with team members quickly. 
    • Users can easily create engaging posts with hashtags, GIFs, and royalty-free images from the dashboard.
    • Provides users with visual integrations like Canva and VistaCreate to make the posts more appealing and interactive with illustrations and designs. 
    • Allows the users to track the performance of their posts. 
    • Helps users to repurpose content via recycle feature.
    • Allows posting in bulk across all the social media platforms. 
    • Offers a grid view of the scheduled and published posts with social media calendar. 
    • Don’t let you miss out on essential updates with notification alerts. 
    • Compare the post performance with monthly and weekly reports.
    • Provides performance analytics with easy-to-understand reports.

    Why Choose Social Champ?

    Social Champ is the customer-centric social media management tool that could help you save time and effort in several ways. Here are some key reasons explaining why you must choose Social Champ. 

    • Social Champ’s dashboard is super-easy to navigate and use for scheduling and posting social media posts. 
    • Unmatchable customer support makes Social Champ a remarkable tool to use with real-time assistance and a fully-fledged help desk with FAQs and guides. 
    • Social Champ’s free plan is like no other with unlimited postings, three accounts, one user, and all premium features. All other plans are also super budget-friendly and more loaded than others.

    How to Sign Up for Social Champ

    Signing up for Social Champ is super easy; check out the steps. 

    Step 1

    Once you have opened the Social Champ’s home page, click on the blue “Start Now” button on the top right side. 

    Step 2

    A form will open to fill in your ‘name,’ ‘email,’ ‘phone number,’ and ‘password.’ Agree to the terms and conditions, and you are done! 

    Step 3

    You have successfully signed up for Social Champ. Go to your email and verify your account. 

    Step 4

    Now you will be redirected to the content dashboard. Connect your accounts and start scheduling. 

    Social Champ Pricing Plan 

    Social Champ is a one-stop social media management tool with different pricing plans. It starts from $0 and can go up to a customized agency package. 

    Pricing plans range from free to champion, business, and agency. Freemium plan allows users to use the tool for free and for as long as they want with premium features. The details of the prices are listed below for the monthly plan:

    • Free – $0
    • Champion – $29
    • Business – $99
    • Agency- custom

    Be a Champ!

    Social Champ is an all-in-one social media automation tool used for media management and content scheduling. It can help you automate your social media presence and streamline posting on social platforms. I like it, and I use it. Give it a try yourself today – for free!

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