2019/06 SEO – Build It and They Might Come

SEO – Build It and They Might Come

When a user enters a search query into a search engine such as Google, they expect the search to return results (websites) which completely satisfy their requirements. With the absolutely humungous amount of information on the Web (about 250 billion DVDs worth of data), the ambiguities of human language, flexible location and device usage, and the short-worded […]

2018/11 Buzzwords and our Digital Discourse

Buzzwords and our Digital Discourse

If you are like me, and started work in the pre-digital years, you are probably wondering how we managed to work without all the buzzwords. It was a simpler time.  We had bandwidth to work through our task cycles with our IBM compatible PC, tackling those low hanging fruit to improve the bottom line – […]

2018/10 Content Marketing – Trending Since 1732

Content Marketing – Trending Since 1732

Content Marketing is one of the many digital buzzwords you cannot avoid these days.  You may also have stumbled across Digital Transformation, Native Advertising, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Algorithm, Customer Journey, Digital First, E-Health, Micro-Moments, Geo-Fencing … While the term Content Marketing first appeared in 1996, the idea has been with us since at […]

2015/02 Understanding International Students

Understanding International Students

Hobsons recently released a new report called Beyond the data: Influencing international student decision making. The report is based on Hobsons’ International Student Survey and provides important insights into how international students decide where they will go for study abroad.

2015/01 The Promiscuous College Come-on …

The Promiscuous College Come-ons …

Something in the archive of the NY Times Sunday Review about the heating up of application season caught our attention. Not only are colleges marketing like crazy these days, but students are casting their nets ever wider in the number of applications they submit. The internet makes this easy.