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3 Great Reasons to Make Time for Both Cooking and Content (it’s Easy)

    Last Updated on January 7, 2023

    3 Great Reasons to Make Time for Both Cooking and your Website Content

    Let’s face it, you’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. Probably stressed too. Especially over this last year. When we’re stressed we eat. A LOT. All I want to do is curl up with a box of potato chips. Yes, a box. Containing twelve bags. When I was a kid, Old Dutch potato chips came in a box, and there were two bags inside. I hated that I had to share even one bag but there were three kids. What do you do? One day I used my allowance and bought a box of salt and vinegar chips and ate the entire box alone. Heaven.

    Cooking for your life

    We eat more than 80,000 meals in our lifetime. And we have retirement coming up. Right? Time on our hands. If you make a video about 1% of those meals that’s still a lot of videos. Never before in our history have people been able to create and share content – to anyone on the planet – for next to nothing. Worst case you can see how great you look – and how funny your voice actually sounds!

    I know it might seem a tad extreme, always taking photos of your food and posting it on Instagram. I long for the day that I don’t feel the urge to do this. It’s my work though. I do it, I teach it, I cook it, I eat it. I know for many of you I’m preaching to the choir. However, it’s content, and for the most part, it’s free. So let it work for you.

    Cooking up some tasty search engine optimisation

    YMYL. Anyone in the SEO business knows what this means. Your money and your life. These are websites that deal with financial and health issues. Or shopping sites, advice sites … I mean, most of what we search for has to do with solving some problem, and so we are potentially open to being bamboozled. In some circles, it’s your money OR your life, but that’s not what this post is about. Google takes a dim view on any attempt to swindle. Keep it above board or your SEO score will wallow.

    Interestingly enough YMYL is closely aligned with another interesting Google concept: EAT. I mean, can we get any more obvious? Expertise, Authority, Trust. Google appreciates as we all do, that content has value. Just like the food we eat. Though if Google cares about that I’m still open to suggestions.

    The SEO website SEMRUSH ran a great article on EAT and YMYL where it states “websites and pages should be created to help users.” Google is suggesting what any nutritionist would suggest when it comes to your meals. Your content, or your food, should have a beneficial purpose. There must be added value. We could argue that the added value of potato chips is my happiness and I would give you that point. Most nutritionists wouldn’t.

    Cooking for your health

    Cooking for yourself lets you control the ingredients. You also take more time preparing a meal than you would open a bag of chips or stopping at a drive-thru. It’s a healthier alternative. It’s also fun. It can be fun. Find the right person and it can also be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    Harvard Health published an article in 2018 that said, “A growing body of scientific evidence supports teaching patients how to cook meals at home as an effective medical intervention for improving diet quality, weight loss, and diabetes prevention.” Harvard University. So this advice has some weight. Weight, get it?

    We produce, consume, and share content our entire lives. We just don’t ever really think about it, unless we’re in the Online Marketing game. Family photos, diaries, recipes, postcards. We spend a lifetime creating things for others to consume. What is that you’re doing on Social Media? Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter – it’s all Content Marketing, baby!

    Killing two birds with one stone

    An apple is pleasure. Food is culture. Food is togetherness. Food is mindfulness. Lightness – and joy! That’s how my client Kerstin Kleber, Life Coach and Nutritionist, and I started our first video in March of 2021. Corona did not permit us to do anything in person until now. So, we recently made lunch and while doing so created three videos. For fun, for creativity, for our passion to share with others. For content.

    I’m not saying you should set up your phone and record a video every time you make lunch, but it’s easier than calling up a video production company and having a team meeting about your content marketing schedule.

    Eat right. Create content. Just do it.

    Getting to the meat of our vegetarian content

    A vegetarian lunch – light and delicious, quick to prepare, and easy to make. A cutting board, a knife, a blender, and off we go. What were we making?

    – Fresh salad
    – Whole wheat spaghetti with two different homemade pestos
    – White chocolate and goat cheese parfait – that’s right. Chocolate and goat cheese and it’s heaven!

    We enjoyed two different white wines (dry and off-dry) with this – a Chardonnay with our appetizer and main course, followed by a Riesling with our dessert.

    Here is the third video, about the chocolate mousse. Want to see the recipes too? Watch all three videos, in German, on my YouTube Channel. A link to the recipe is there as well.

    Note! Films are in German. Please use the YouTube translation if this is not your lingua franca :o)

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