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Semantic HTML How to Build Anything

Learn About HTML in 5 Steps

    Building things, allows us to think about them. Thinking about things, allows us to understand them. It can save us money, give us a sense of gratification and value, and it can also give us another perspective on what others do.

    Warren Laine-Naida Online Learning June 2020

    Online Teaching and Learning

      For some of my friends, Home Schooling was always a reality. For many of us, digital teaching aids were a way of supplementing what we considered below average teaching. This is not to criticise our teachers most of whom are amazing. It is simply an answer to the way this generation of children learn and live. Digital Natives are simply born multi-taskers.

      warren laine-naida blog post 11 2019 the internet is not free

      The Internet is Not Free

        CERN announced, on 30 April 1993, that the World Wide Web would be free to use for anyone. Free is a relative term. The Internet has been valued at around 1 Trillion dollars a year. By most standards, a Trillion dollars is a bit north of “Free”.

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        Everyone Deserves a Good Website

          I googled “working for non-profits”, which many of my clients are, and I found results for 5 reasons, 8 reasons, 12 reasons, 19 reasons. I think there is 1 good reason to work for non-profits, small local businesses, and educational organisations.

          The Digital 1%

          The Digital 1%

            Information, education, and the quality of life we take for granted and enjoy through tech – how might that change going forward?

            2018/01 Beware of Technology Bearing Gifts

            Beware of Technology Bearing Gifts

              AI is aimed at improving our lives, giving us access to information, barrier-free.  I guess for me, going forward, the question will be “information provided by whom, with what agenda, and at what price?”