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2017/11 (What is) Responsive Design?

(What is) Responsive Design?

Addressing the ever-changing landscape of devices by creating flexible, fluid and adaptive Web sites

When people talk about a Responsive Website, they are usually talking about one that works well on a mobile phone. Responsive means however, that it should work on any size screen. Even larger ones. There are more than 200 (about) different standard size screens from mobile ohones to desktop screens. What about the screens you see in hospitals or train stations? Shouldn’t a website scale nicely outwards as well as inwards? Read More »(What is) Responsive Design?

2017/06 Do You Really Need A Responsive Website?

Do You Really Need a Responsive Website?

Should a website be responsive or not?

Recently a company relaunched their website.  They had a website made for them which is neither responsive nor offers a mobile option off to the side of the desktop version. This company is not a client of ours, but we do know one of the main stakeholders. Interested, we of course asked about the reasoning behind the project.  Was it a soft launch, stealth launch, prelaunch …? Well, we learned that it was none of the above. They had simply taken a long, hard look at their users, a longer look at the needs of those users, website analytics, all the bits and pieces. Then they decided they only needed a desktop friendly website.Read More »Do You Really Need a Responsive Website?

2017/01 A Real Game Changer

A Real Game Changer

What do we mean when we say “Mobile First” and do we still need to say it?

Thought your “web handicap” was good? Well, Google will begin testing a Mobile First search index this year. What does this mean? In a nutshell, if your website is not mobile friendly – and by website I mean not only the layout and design, but also the content – your website could be indexed AFTER the website (probably of your competitor) that IS mobile friendly.Read More »A Real Game Changer

2016/12 Is That An App I See Before Me?

Is That an App I See Before Me?

The rise of the mobile and responsive web has been a game changer for apps

Remember the amazing world of Fax Marketing? Mobile phones that only dialed numbers? The first website you worked with? How did we manage before all this tech came along? Obviously not very well, because soon afterwards the App arrived. Google and Apple opened their app stores in 2008 and today we spend most of our time with our smartphones communicating via apps both native and web based.Read More »Is That an App I See Before Me?

2015/10 Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

Making a Good First Impression

Content, Content, Content

No matter how you slice it, people must be able to find your message, easily digest it, feel it speak to them, and then be able to quickly act upon it. Regardless of time or place, your visitors need to be able to engage with you. There is no surprise that the top trends in online marketing, still, are SEO, Social Media, and mobile, accessible, content.Read More »Making a Good First Impression