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Making a Good First Impression

    It’s all About Content

    No matter how you slice it, people must be able to find your message, easily digest it, feel it speak to them, and then be able to quickly act upon it. Regardless of time or place, your visitors need to be able to engage with you. There is no surprise that the top trends in online marketing, still, are SEO, Social Media, and accessible, content.

    When we meet with a client to review their online marketing needs, we always seem to come back to three problem areas – content, content, and content.

    • + Why does content take so long to create?
    • + How is content best disseminated?
    • + How can content help you make a good first impression?

    Content Marketing is all about using your content to connect with people.

    People say “Content is King” all the time. What do they mean? Content rules, probably. Without content, there is only emptiness. “Good Content is King” is probably a better motto. Anyone can fill a blog post or a video with twaddle. High-quality content is a bigger investment, but it also leads to a higher ROI.

    Find out more about the importance of content for connecting with your target audiences right here:

    Or drop me a line and I will share free, relevant, chapters from my books that answer your questions!

    6 Online Marketing by Warren Laine-Naida

    Making a good first impression matters on your website as well. Here’s a good tip: create a good, one-page “About My Business” landing page. It acts as a mini-website and enables you to generate leads. It also gives visitors a good 60 second overview of who you are and how you can help them.

    This is an important part of relaunching your website as well. give visitors a taste of your new site with a soft-launch one pager. (July 2022)