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The Client Worksheet

A business plan for your website

So you want to have an agency build your website.  I’ve put together this handy worksheet to help you think about the project. This is a business plan for your website. The more information you can give the agency, the better.

Each member of your team may have a different view of this project, so you should complete this worksheet as a group . That way you won’t miss any important opinions or requirements.

All about you

What’s the name of your company and website?

Describe your company

Describe what your site will provide

Who are the main contacts for this project and what are their roles?

When would you like to start?

When does the site need to be completed?

What is your specific reason for these dates?(eg, tradeshow, product launch, vacation?)

What are you thinking of to spend for the website project? (eg, 1-2k, 3-4k, 5k+)

What are you trying to do?

Give us your main reasons for wanting a (new) website

What are the business objectives for your site
(eg, improving sales rate, increase customer satisfaction, brand awareness)

What are you hoping to achieve?
(ie, increase in sales)

What parts of your current site work well and why are they successful?

What’s not working so well?

Who are you doing it for?

Who’s coming to your site? Describe the different types of visitors to your website and what you need to provide them with.

How do you think your company and the services you provide are currently seen? How about your website?

What do you imagine people using your site for? What will they want to do there?

Why would people choose website instead of others?

Outline any ideas for features you have for your site

Design Concept

People are coming to your new site for the first time. How do you want them to feel about your company?

Tell us a bit about your competition. Who are the runners and riders in your field (including their website addresses)?

What is good about your competitors? What isn’t so good?

Leaving your competitors aside, have you seen any sites recently that you’ve liked the visual design of? What did you like about it?

Let’s briefly talk content. Aside from the features we discussed above, what else do you want your site to do?

Would you like us to recommend somebody to build your software or content management system?

If so, what features would you like it to do?

(eg, updatable news, multiple authors, stock control, user moderation)

Additional Comments

We’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible. Here is your chance to add any extra information you think will be helpful.