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Google Shuts Down Free Websites

    What Do You Need to Do? The free websites generated through the Google Business Profile have been shut down. Find out more!

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    How to Super Size Your Freelance Niche

      In a crowded and competitive online space, getting business can be hard. You can throw a lot of money at the problem, or you can work smarter. Leverage yourself and your network. Repurpose what’s in front of you. Don’t just think outside of the box, step outside of it.

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      Using AI-Generated Content on Your Website

        A question many people are currently asking themselves lately is, can I use AI-generated content on my website and still be ranked by Google? Is it legal? Is it fair? Let’s find out.

        WordPress and the Rise of Full Site Editing

          WordPress is perfect whether you are a beginner or a professional. Use it for your cat’s blog or your online shop. With the Full Site Editor you can design in WordPress even easier!

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          How To Get On To The First Page of Google and Other Things We Want But Don’t Need

            I swore I wouldn’t write another SEO post for a while, but it isn’t working. Obviously. I have my SEO class to teach, there’s a 1 euro SEO ebook coming out this summer (200 pages for a euro – pretty cool), then there are the articles I write for clients which while not exactly SEO tasks need to be found and engaged with, so are on the cusp of SEO.

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            TechTalk #3 Using Google Fonts on Your Website

              Many of our website themes deliver fonts, icons, and other 3rd party material directly to our websites. This is easy and fast and something we don’t think about. This data is sometimes delivered unsecured, and over time it might become a lot of data, thus slowing down our websites. What can we do about that and why would we do it?


              SEO Mini-golf Summer Rules

                I know SEO is important. Search Engine Optimisation means your content needs to be precise, targeted, and convincing. Just like your golf swing! Just nine holes, but hey, we’re on vacation right? Have a great time!

                5 free things ou can do to improve your website without an agency

                The 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Website for Free

                  We want to help our friends who are small businesses, like navigating through the blah, blah, blah, big agencies and all of their jargon that makes them feel very expensive and important. Let’s talk about some of the things that small business owners can do right now, themselves without hiring a big SEO company!

                  3 important things about Social Media for small business

                  The 3 Most Important Things About Your Social Media

                    Welcome to a new series for Small Businesses, to help you with your Online Marketing! In this post, and video, Bridget Willard and I, are going to talk about the top three things small businesses, or anyone really, need to have on their website.

                    The 3 most important things on your website

                    The 3 Most Important Things on Your Website

                      Welcome to a new series for Small Businesses, to help you with your Online Marketing! In this post, and video, Bridget Willard and I, are going to talk about the top three things small businesses, or anyone really, need to have on their website.

                      Semantic HTML How to Build Anything

                      Learn About HTML in 5 Steps

                        Building things, allows us to think about them. Thinking about things, allows us to understand them. It can save us money, give us a sense of gratification and value, and it can also give us another perspective on what others do.

                        Voice Content and Voice Search August 2020

                        Voice Search: No Rest for the Wicked

                          Voice Search we understand – “Alexa, where can I find the closest florist?” “Siri, what’s playing at the cinema tonight?” Right? this we understand. Voice Content Marketing is that after three espressos. It’s not even very new. Two years ago they were taking about it. Is it yet a thing though? Not so much. But it will be.

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                          The Internet is Not Free

                            CERN announced, on 30 April 1993, that the World Wide Web would be free to use for anyone. Free is a relative term. The Internet has been valued at around 1 Trillion dollars a year. By most standards, a Trillion dollars is a bit north of “Free”.

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                            Let’s Talk User Experience

                              User Experience defines our perceptions of aspects of a system such as utility, ease of use, and efficiency. Ensure a good UX on your website by having updated content.

                              2019/04 Quo Vadis WordPress

                              Quo Vadis WordPress

                                No matter how many websites you build, each one is different. Sticking to a script is not half as interesting as letting WordPress tell it’s own story, which is invariably what it does in each new website.

                                2018/06 GDPR. GDPR Everywhere …

                                GDPR. GDPR Everywhere …

                                  Will GDPR change anything? Probably not for small websites. Most laws are there to make us feel safer, rather than actually making us safer.

                                  2016/08 A Shout Out for Drupal

                                  A Shout Out for Drupal

                                    Drupal is mobile friendly. Very friendly. And that is good so as who carries a desktop around with them any more?

                                    2016/05 Writing For The Web

                                    How to Write for the Web

                                      What’s the difference between print and web writing? Print readers read, web users scan. FInd out more in this article.

                                      2016/03 Defining New Defaults In Web Design

                                      Defining New Defaults in Web Design

                                        The most important thing for a phone, for instance, is battery life. For your website, it’s important that people can access your content.

                                        2015/10 Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

                                        Planning a Successful Web Relaunch

                                          A workshop together with Bright Solutions at the German Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation Jahrestagungen in 2015. The steps are still relevant today!

                                          2015/04 Content Is King

                                          If Content is King, what is Queen?

                                            Content should be accessible, and if we want reach this means perhaps adding another language. Building a multi-language site is not so difficult.