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If Content is King, what is Queen?

    The internet knows few borders except probably poor WLAN. Content should be accessible, and if we want reach this means perhaps adding another language. Building a responsive, multi-language site is challenging and exciting – but also important.

    Drupal makes it easier too. So does WordPress. Both CMS offer free plugins and modules for organising your content in different languages.

    I have two websites. Most of my clients and audience are English-speaking, hence this website. I also live and work in Germany, where many of my clients do not speak English. I also teach in German. For that audience, I have a German website. I try to mix it up on social media – some of my posts are in English, and some are in German.

    There are many reasons why your business marketing should go multilingual. Let’s start with the elephant on the internet. Not everybody uses the English language – nor the American spelling.

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