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Open Source Content Management Systems

    Open Source CMS are free but “not for nothing”

    “Free” is not usually a word you think of when planning a website, but it is not a dream. Open Source CMS are free CMS. Of course, you may need a developer or two … Three of the top CMS on the market are just that – Open Source. 

    Compare Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress … 

    WordPress however is a free, open source Website CMS. It always has been free – even when I first started using it in 2015. The CMS Drupal is also free, but over the years I have moved from using Drupal for websites all of the time to WordPress 99% of the time.

    “Open source” means that the source code of a software is open and freely accessible. This means that you can edit the program yourself and adapt it to your own needs. Programming knowledge is usually required for this. You may also redistribute the modified and improved program file. Open source applications are often free of charge.

    Update: WordPress is still free – and now offers full site editing. Check it out in this post from 2022!