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I Want Clients to Leave Me

Sounds like a crazy idea for a business model. Is this good client service? Perhaps the fumes of Saturday morning cleaning have got to my head. I don’t think so though.

Last week I lost a client. When we met they had a small WordPress website and nothing more. Now they manage their own website, Google Ads, and Social Media. They are even really good at SEO. They don’t need me anymore. Well, perhaps if they get stuck they will email me. Of course, I’ll miss them, but do you know what? I feel great!

How we measure success

When I was a kid there was a crazy used car salesman who ran TV spots. The ads were priceless! I never really understood them though. He was always begging people to come down and buy his cars because he wanted “to go out of business”. I get it now though.

As parents, our success stories are our children who move out and move on. As managers, it is employees we train to replace us. As a marketer who helps small businesses, my success story is clients who one day can do it all for themselves.

Some of the best client reviews we should be hearing are: “Rieke is so good at building websites, I can do it myself!” “Matsu is such a talented graphic designer he taught me how to make my own icons!” “Agency twelve7 is so amazing at SEO that I’m teaching it to my own clients now!” The worst is probably: “I can’t manage my own website, but that’s okay because Bawb and Salli do it. My log in?? LOL, no idea.”

More than enough work for everyone

At any one time, I have ten to twelve clients. Some are just starting, some are in the middle of their journey, and some are just wrapping things up. That makes sense, I mean, I can’t have more than a few clients who need me for everything. I wouldn’t have the time. I wouldn’t be able to meet new clients! I would be giving really poor service to clients if I never lost a client too!

There are probably close to 2 billion websites online at the moment. In the US alone there are more than 30 million small businesses. Certainly, there is more than enough work to go around. Since I began in this business, I have realized about 350 projects for about 150 different people or businesses. If I do the same again over the next twenty years I will still barely graze the number of potential clients there are out there.

It’s hard to let go

I’ve worked in hotels and restaurants, and I always really hated when a good busboy was promoted because it meant I needed to train another one. When I was in the kitchen I remember amazing prep girls who were promoted to cook and I hated that! And, at the agency, that amazing website guru who was promoted to project manager and was no longer whipping out websites each day? Terror!!

We have all experienced this, and it’s hard letting someone go. However, it shows we have done our job! We did it! We helped someone and we did such an amazing job that they don’t need us anymore. That’s a pretty cool thing.

Shameless chance for marketing

I now have space for a new client! If you too would like to leave me one day, then let’s talk! If you need websites, Google Ads, SEO, or other Online Marketing services, training, or coaching, I invite you to check out some of the services I offer, right here!

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