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Be an SEO Expert in One Day

    Last Updated on May 22, 2023

    Disclaimer: you can’t be an expert in one day, ok?

    Expert Smexpert. Really. In anything, you can’t be an expert in one day. You already knew that though I assume. I have been working with, writing about, trying out, and teaching SEO for two decades now. Twenty years and I am still not a Pro. Every day I’m learning. It’s exciting and frustrating. Maybe one day they will develop a nano vaccine that will give us the instant knowledge to be able to do something. I’m pretty sure I’m still baking pizzas wrong too!

    Heads up! I was really fortunate to be invited to talk about SEO at the fourth QreuzCON in June of 2021. The youtube video is right here, and you can watch me go through the Essentials of SEO. Check it out! (33:45)

    Imposter syndrome

    I wrote the book about imposter syndrome, and am adding further chapters every day. I’m probably not alone, right? I’m using a lot of SEO tools to measure and audit websites, and a lot of books. I have a 1400 page book that’s so heavy I use it as a part of my freeweights routine!

    Want a doughnut?

    Most of us do. However, are we looking for a Doughnut, or a Donut? How about regional variations? It could be a Berliner, a Krapfen, a Long John, Sufganiyot, or even a Bombolone. And don’t say it fast, because you will get a Donit.

    Do you want a Donut to go? Or do you want to find a cafe where you can eat it? How about a Cheeseburger Donut? A Donut recipe? A Donut machine to make yours at home? Are you looking for photos of Donuts, inflatable toys for the pool, or something colourful to place on your head?

    If you are selling Donuts on your website, you may want to think about exactly these things.

    I wrote about SEO in my books

    Very true! And this month Bridget Willard and I will begin work on the second in our three-book Online Marketing series for small businesses, non-profits, and schools. I have written chapters on SEO in my Digital Thinking book. There is also a complete section in our first book together for small businesses. The kindle prices of these are pretty awesome too.

    A very useful tool to check out is a pretty awesome tool. Perhaps not known so much outside of Germany. Much like the typo3 CMS. Now, that isn’t such a cool tool so stick with the CMS you already have. Sistrix offers a 14-day free trial, and online workshops. I used it years ago, and now I’m getting back into it as one of the tools in my Swiss Army Knife.

    Warren Laine-Naida – SEO for Your Nonprofit or Small Business

    Some SEO things to think about

    I’m putting together some notes for an SEO class, and I know you probably won’t be able to join me. A few of my juiciest tidbits are here for you. Sorry, you’ll miss the slides themselves. And the donuts.

    Do you know why? You come to me with no “Why?” SEO is a wicked mix of marketing & psychology. Shaken, not stirred. See, your customer has a problem. Their intent is to solve that problem. Find out about the “Why?” People are looking to find information, to go somewhere, or to buy something. Which “Why?” is leading them to your website?

    Keyword research. What words or groups of words do users use to search for your products or services? For a dollar a day you can use Google Ads to find out a lot about what keywords are activating your ads. That’s less than a coffee a day.

    Google doesn’t value domains, it values content. People search for content. Search for something in Google. Do you get results for straight-up domains, or do you get results that end up on a content page when you click?

    Be a featured snippet. Right? In our dreams, but hopefully one day. Listen, do you have an Alexa? Voice search means never having to click after asking. Remember the article about the very high percentage of Google searches that do not result in a click further to a website? Well, Google delivers a lot of information that doesn’t require a click. Google something like an exchange rate, measurement, weather, meaning of a word. This is simple knowledge. The knowledge that Google has and can give you without you clicking.

    Want to know more?

    If you are a small business, or even a large business and would like some SEO support, please see my SEO Services page and let’s talk!

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