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Who’s Afraid of Digital Thinking? A Conversation from the Center of the Universe

    Who’s Afraid of Digital Thinking?

    SEO, Digital Transformation, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Drupal, WordPress, Email Marketing, Online Education, Digital Competence, Agile … Digital Thinking is not a method or a technology. It’s a way of understanding our world.

    Digital is about good communication – which includes online and offline tools and skills. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things you do everywhere

    The internet is about inclusion, not isolation. It is about bringing people together, not shutting them into bubbles. It is about good communication – which includes online and offline tools and skills. Your digital presence is an extension of all the things you do everywhere.

    Digital Thinking is a way for you to make new connections and share with the world. It’s a foundational skill that you can apply to grow your business or to support your nonprofit organisation for years to come. It doesn’t matter if you are young or if you are already retired, no matter how quickly technology changes or trends rise and fall. If you’re not as tech literate as you’d like to be, that’s okay. Communication, online or offline, is not a contest.

    Participate. Try. Fail. Try again. Just do it.

    I was fortunate enough to talk with Rob Cairns this month about my book “Digital Thinking: Websites, Online Marketing, and more”.

    You say conversation is king. And I do like that quote because a lot of content creators have been going on and on for years and saying content is king. And I keep saying no, no, no. If there’s no discussion around that content, who cares if it’s even? What are your thoughts on that?

    I don’t think they’re completely wrong with content is king or queen. I think the idea of offering good content is to create that connection is to get the conversation started and to give added value. And, I mean, that’s exactly what you have with a conversation. This is why social media is so successful. Because we’re able to converse we’re able to put something out there, people are able to respond, and then you have this back and forth exchange.

    So I think content is king was very good for print or the monologue of television, of films or music. But in the dialogue of content that we now experience, and this could be anything from you know, YouTube or TikTok, where there’s that audience and producer interaction the content becomes the conversation.

    I think we see this in no other better place than probably Twitter. You say something, and it’s shared. And now what you said, is now content for better or for worse. I think conversation is simply the content of the 21st century.

    Digital Thinking with Rob Cairns September 14, 2021

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