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digital culture

Medienkompetenz für Senioren foto by Metatdgt @ pexels

Grandparents Can Code Too

    The Internet and digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in more and more areas of everyday life. How can we ensure the participation of older members of society in the current digital transformation? For everyone to benefit from these technologies, it will take more than the ability to download apps to smartphones or transfer money via online banking.

    older female executive with laptop in the back of a car

    Working as a Senior in Our Digital Economy

      The term “senior” means different things to people. Usually it means someone with more experience. Older workers have more experience but a more difficult time finding work. Why is that? Perhaps freelancing is the answer.

      I Recently Joined SEO Anonymous image

      I Recently Joined SEO Anonymous

        Today, most people are visible and have some presence on the internet. The internet pulsates and throbs with the artistic progeny of literally billions of people. From TikTok to Blogs, Facebook to Pinterest, Amazon to eBay, the world wide web is bloated with our well-intended artistic creations and our constant need to be found and heard. Is it too much?


        Online Pornography: When Too Much Delight Gets in the Way of Satisfaction

          Online pornography is just one example of when too much delight, over an extended period, is bad. Expectations of porn sex in our own relationships are high, and only a few people can meet them, and probably not for a prolonged time. Online pornography, like any other customer expectations we are continually trying to exceed, is simply not sustainable.

          Not a Good Student? You Can Learn More About a Subject When You Teach it. photo of inline learning

          eLearning Studies Got You Down? You Might Learn More About a Subject by Teaching it.

            Education is changing. It’s moving further from the classroom and the fixed lesson plan to somewhere more ad-hoc and less physical. If we think about how our tech culture has changed over the last generation, education is probably going to undergo even more drastic changes as we enter the virtual world of research, teaching, and learning.

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            DigiBlogChat: eLearning and Teaching

              Carol Stephens invited me to talk with her and others on her Twitter DigiBlogChat about eLearning and Teaching. How’s it been, and where is it going? his a change for the better or the worse, or somewhere in the middle? Let’s talk about it and see where it’s going! See you then!

              Voice Content and Voice Search August 2020

              Voice Search: No Rest for the Wicked

                Voice Search we understand – “Alexa, where can I find the closest florist?” “Siri, what’s playing at the cinema tonight?” Right? this we understand. Voice Content Marketing is that after three espressos. It’s not even very new. Two years ago they were taking about it. Is it yet a thing though? Not so much. But it will be.

                Warren Laine-Naida Online Learning June 2020

                Online Teaching and Learning

                  For some of my friends, Home Schooling was always a reality. For many of us, digital teaching aids were a way of supplementing what we considered below average teaching. This is not to criticise our teachers most of whom are amazing. It is simply an answer to the way this generation of children learn and live. Digital Natives are simply born multi-taskers.

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                  Why Print is Important in the Digital Age

                    Even though books have not been classified a necessity during the Crisis (while wine and chocolate have), we have probably read a great deal more in the last four to six weeks than we had done previously. There is something wonderful about picking up an actual book and turning the pages that transcends an eBook.

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                    Home Office – The Good Life?

                      Ah, the good life! Working in your pyjamas, eating what you want at your desk – did I say desk? I meant of course the couch, or the bed! No blah blah from colleagues disturbing your train of thought, no morning commute … just you, your laptop, and the coffee machine. Home Office is heaven, right? It’s also a privilege. So many people would like to stay at home, especially in the current situation. If you can work at home, then you are very lucky.

                      The Customer Journey is Just Like Your Own

                      All Aboard the Customer Journey

                        Digital is redefining our customer experiences, the value chain, fullfilment processes, marketing, sales, and customer loyalty. As we become more catered to and become more demanding, what we used to expect in the way of Customer Satisfaction is morphing into a demand for Customer Delight.

                        VHS Smarte Senioren Dozent Warren Laine-Naida

                        Digitale Kompetenz für Smarte Senioren

                          Menschen haben immer Technologie genützt zu Problemlösung – ältere Menschen sollten davon nicht ausgeschlossen sein. Senioren möchte auch mitreden, mitmachen. Aktive Mitgestaltung der Gesellschaft sollte für alle möglich sein. Medienkompetenz oder Digitalkompetenz ist dafür eine Voraussetzung.

                          eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

                          eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

                            An important characteristic of eCommerce is that it is not really a distinct sector. When we talk about eCommerce, the concept that usually comes to mind is of course online shopping. eCommerce means enabling all of an organisation’s operations. It is not enough to just set up an online shop.

                            warren laine-naida Digital Education

                            Education and Learning in our E-World

                              In preparation for an upcoming class, the actual difficulty most countries are finding themselves in – ie the lack of skilled tech workers – is at the center of our workshop. If you know how many hours there are in a day, compared with how much work you have to get done, the problem of how we keep up will not be lost on you.

                              warren laine-naida blog post 11 2019 the internet is not free

                              The Internet is Not Free

                                CERN announced, on 30 April 1993, that the World Wide Web would be free to use for anyone. Free is a relative term. The Internet has been valued at around 1 Trillion dollars a year. By most standards, a Trillion dollars is a bit north of “Free”.

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                                Everyone Deserves a Good Website

                                  I googled “working for non-profits”, which many of my clients are, and I found results for 5 reasons, 8 reasons, 12 reasons, 19 reasons. I think there is 1 good reason to work for non-profits, small local businesses, and educational organisations.

                                  2019/08 Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

                                  Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

                                    The idea that you could like a robot and they you might at first seem a little creepy, but is the love we have for our smart phone the precursor for spending our evenings with an android? This may seem the stuff of science fiction, however the possibility remains tied to our changing attitudes towards sex and intimacy in general, and the current digital transformation we are experiencing.

                                    2018/12 A Very Digital Christmas

                                    A Very Digital Christmas

                                      Happy Computing to all, and to all a good night! ‘Twas but days before Christmas, when all through the office, Marketing was working, our campaigns were flawless. Adwords were measured on our tablets with care, In hopes that our bonuses… Read More »A Very Digital Christmas

                                      The Digital 1%

                                      The Digital 1%

                                        What does the future hold for us if we are unable to afford access to information, or to the best tech? Elysium, In Time, Upside Down – some of the many dystopian stories where a small segment of society with access… Read More »The Digital 1%

                                        2017/09 (Anti-) Social Media

                                        (Anti-) Social Media

                                          Are all the tools and access to information making us less prepared and informed?

                                          The third-place win of the German right wing AfD party in the recent election there left many people stunned.  Stories in the media asking who voted for the AfD mirrored those in the US after Donald Trump was elected president. Almost as if something was happening that no one had any idea about. Like a cold shower hit them.  In our always-connected lives, it is very interesting that many people are living in such a bubble.  Read More »(Anti-) Social Media

                                          2017/08 Conversation is King

                                          Conversation is King

                                            Social media-The state of conversation today

                                            Remember life before the internet and mobile devices?  Remember communicating without emojis? How about sending a letter to the editor and having it edited before it appeared a week later in the local paper? Turning the radio off and driving to work without hearing a phone or navi?  Do you recall not mistaking propaganda for news, or having friends who had beliefs different from your own?  Then you missed a great breakfast meeting Tuesday with just such people.  Hope you can join us next time.Read More »Conversation is King

                                            2017/07 I Click Therefore I am

                                            I Click Therefore I am

                                              Are we shown clickbait based on what we want to see, or what we are wanted to see?

                                              We were recently told by a friend it was “pretty scary” how you always seemed to see items advertised on one platform which you had viewed on another platform. At some level, it probably is disconcerting.

                                              Tracking pixels ( are one of many ways websites repeat to users what they see on another site, in the hope they will click on it. Read More »I Click Therefore I am

                                              2017/05 Our Relationship With (Tech) Things

                                              Our Relationship with (Tech) Things

                                                Our relationship with Technology

                                                “Technology. Everyone’s so afraid of missing what’s next they never bother to fix/optimise what’s here now.”  I read this tweet by Luke Wroblewski a few days after the team had the same sort of conversation during a project meeting. We were reviewing what to keep and what to throw out of a website.  The client wanted a real spring cleaning, and they wanted something new – something fresh. The problem with “New” is that it soon becomes “Old”. As they say: “There is really nothing wrong with a bologna sandwich.”Read More »Our Relationship with (Tech) Things

                                                2017/04 The Ghost In The Design

                                                The Ghost in the Design

                                                  Responsive design is about more than just layout; it’s about designing for the Web

                                                  We may think of Mobile First and Responsive Design being in answer to a mostly mobile phone accessed internet. However,  Samsung just unwrapped its new 3400 pixel monitor and kids are accessing the internet more and more from their game consoles. So how do we ensure our websites will be seen regardless of device size? Mobile Different, Mobile Forward, Device Agnostic, Resilient Design, Pattern-Based Design … there has lately been a lot of discussion about how we ensure visitors can access and use our content regardless of screen size.Read More »The Ghost in the Design

                                                  2017/02 Digital Culture 101

                                                  Digital Culture 101

                                                    What is digital culture?

                                                    I was asked in January to give a talk to a class of students who had spent the term studying Cultural Diversity.  While you won’t be able to enjoy the excitement of actually being there – touching a old ‘brick’ mobile phone or marvelling at the super presentation graphics – the subject of Digital Culture is interesting enough that I thought I should share the talking points as this month’s blog post. I’m just dusting the surface of course. You can take a course on Digital Culture that lasts two semesters if you were keen. Of course this post means you don’t have to sit the exam. Read More »Digital Culture 101