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digital transformation

Medienkompetenz für Senioren foto by Metatdgt @ pexels

Grandparents Can Code Too

    The Internet and digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in more and more areas of everyday life. How can we ensure the participation of older members of society in the current digital transformation? For everyone to benefit from these technologies, it will take more than the ability to download apps to smartphones or transfer money via online banking.

    older female executive with laptop in the back of a car

    Working as a Senior in Our Digital Economy

      The term “senior” means different things to people. Usually it means someone with more experience. Older workers have more experience but a more difficult time finding work. Why is that? Perhaps freelancing is the answer.

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      DigiBlogChat: eLearning and Teaching

        Carol Stephens invited me to talk with her and others on her Twitter DigiBlogChat about eLearning and Teaching. How’s it been, and where is it going? his a change for the better or the worse, or somewhere in the middle? Let’s talk about it and see where it’s going! See you then!

        Voice Content and Voice Search August 2020

        Voice Search: No Rest for the Wicked

          Voice Search we understand – “Alexa, where can I find the closest florist?” “Siri, what’s playing at the cinema tonight?” Right? this we understand. Voice Content Marketing is that after three espressos. It’s not even very new. Two years ago they were taking about it. Is it yet a thing though? Not so much. But it will be.

          Warren Laine-Naida Online Learning June 2020

          Online Teaching and Learning

            For some of my friends, Home Schooling was always a reality. For many of us, digital teaching aids were a way of supplementing what we considered below average teaching. This is not to criticise our teachers most of whom are amazing. It is simply an answer to the way this generation of children learn and live. Digital Natives are simply born multi-taskers.

            VHS Smarte Senioren Dozent Warren Laine-Naida

            Digitale Kompetenz für Smarte Senioren

              Menschen haben immer Technologie genützt zu Problemlösung – ältere Menschen sollten davon nicht ausgeschlossen sein. Senioren möchte auch mitreden, mitmachen. Aktive Mitgestaltung der Gesellschaft sollte für alle möglich sein. Medienkompetenz oder Digitalkompetenz ist dafür eine Voraussetzung.

              eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

              eCommerce is Not an Online Shop

                An important characteristic of eCommerce is that it is not really a distinct sector. When we talk about eCommerce, the concept that usually comes to mind is of course online shopping. eCommerce means enabling all of an organisation’s operations. It is not enough to just set up an online shop.

                warren laine-naida Digital Education

                Education and Learning in our E-World

                  In preparation for an upcoming class, the actual difficulty most countries are finding themselves in – ie the lack of skilled tech workers – is at the center of our workshop. If you know how many hours there are in a day, compared with how much work you have to get done, the problem of how we keep up will not be lost on you.

                  2019/08 Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

                  Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

                    The idea that you could like a robot and they you might at first seem a little creepy, but is the love we have for our smart phone the precursor for spending our evenings with an android? This may seem the stuff of science fiction, however the possibility remains tied to our changing attitudes towards sex and intimacy in general, and the current digital transformation we are experiencing.

                    2016/06 What Is This Design Thinking Anyway?

                    The Digital Cloud with a Silver Lining

                      Digital Native or Digital Immigrant? Older employees positively contribute to a business, saving time and money. It really is a cloud with a silver lining.

                      2019/05 Online Shopping – Order and it will Come

                      Online Shopping – Order and it will Come

                         If you thought we had reached the zenith of our consumer culture, buckle your seatbelt. The same technological advancements that gave us facebook pokes are set to enable us to shop almost without thinking.

                        2016/01 Mobile First

                        Mobile First Websites

                          Your website needs to be accessible. Regardless if someone is using a Tamogotchi or a 10,000 pixel wide Jumbtron.