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How to Get the Most Out of AI for Your Sustainable Marketing

    Last Updated on February 7, 2024

    By using AI in your marketing, your small business can reduce its environmental impact, improve efficiency, and connect with eco-friendly customers. Let’s explore how AI can be harnessed to achieve these objectives.

    I met up with Green Geeks Hosting to talk about how we can use AI in our sustainable marketing. See the video:

    • + Personalised Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation
    • + Efficiency and Resource Optimization through Chatbots
    • + Content Generation for Increased Customer Engagement and Communication

    Unleashing the Power of AI in Sustainable Marketing: Navigating the Data Landscape

    a robot farmer in a field with baby plants

    This article looks at how AI and sustainable marketing come together, focusing on using customer data responsibly, creating personalised campaigns, and considering the ethical aspects of these advancements.

    The integration of artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative force, particularly in the realm of sustainable marketing practices. We’re able to work smarter – if we choose to!

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    Getting Ready to Use AI Tools: Start with Yourself!

    When we think of our communication with ChatGPT and other AI tools, we usually just think about the prompts we use. “Please create a lesson plan”, or “Create an image of a dog in the sunshine”. Simple enough. However prompts are just like recipes – you end up with what you put in.

    When prompting think not only about what you are, but where in the creative process you – and your AI helper – are:

    1. AI is assisting me to create something from scratch
    2. AI is assisting me to extend what I’ve started
    3. AI is assisting me to edit what I’ve created

    We shouldn’t expect too much of AI tools. This is easy to say because we are used to things appearing now at the flip of the screen, the click of a button, or our voice activating some digital assistant. Let’s take a step back and be a bit mindful of the AI toolset.

    The Sensitivity and Power of Customer Data

    Customer data is the cornerstone of personalised marketing, providing valuable insights into preferences, behaviours, and demographics. However, we shouldn’t forget the dual nature of this data—it empowers us, but at the same time it is both sensitive and personal.

    To use customer data well, we need to carefully handle permissions and privacy, making sure personalised marketing improves customer experiences without harming trust.

    Priming and Grounding: Keys to Effective AI Communication

    If you want generative AI to create content, you need to think like a chef. “Make me pasta” will produce a variety of dishes, most of which not fitting your needs. Be specific.

    Good prompts consist of two steps: Priming and Grounding. Both help you facilitate effective communication between AI, customer data, and your marketing goals.

    Priming sets the mood, guiding AI on what to focus on, while Grounding provides specific facts and context. This dynamic interaction is the basis for personalised marketing campaigns that deeply connect with individual customers.

    Warren Laine-Naida Sustainability post December 2021 image of a coffee cup from Dean & David

    Prompt Smarter, not Harder

    AI IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE DATA WE GIVE IT … If your prompt isn’t good, the results won’t be good. It’s the same at the coffee shop.

    Priming for the Win! “Okay, AI, get in the mood”

    Priming refers to the way you structure or phrase your prompt to set the context or guide the model’s response.

    • Without priming: Where should I go on vacation? “How about visiting Paris, France?”
    • With priming: Where should I go on vacation with beaches? “Consider visiting the Algarve for its stunning beaches”

    Grounding for the Win! “Here are the facts AI …”

    Refers to providing a concrete or specific scenario or context so the model understands the context more clearly.

    • Without Grounding: Where should I go on vacation?
    • With: I have a week off in January and I’m looking for a warm travel destination with beautiful beaches and good food. Where should I go?

    Combining both Priming and Grounding to give a tailored response

    Adding safe customer data about: travel history, budget, loyalty programs, preferences, duration of stay, travelling companions, past feedback, frequency of travel.

    Sally! Why not a trip with your family to Morocco in January? We’d love to help you plan your next adventure vacation. The weather in Toronto has been so wet lately! Use those AirMiles! Call me! Debbie

    Personalised Marketing: A Symphony of Priming, Grounding, and Data

    Our example of a travel agency tailoring recommendations using travel history, preferences, and loyalty programs demonstrates the harmony of data, context, and personalisation.

    At the core of sustainable marketing are personalised campaigns that go beyond basic customization. By blending priming, grounding, and customer data, marketers can create messages that not only use the customer’s name but also predict their needs and preferences.

    Ethical Considerations in Customer Data Utilisation

    Amid the excitement of leveraging customer data, we shouldn’t forget the importance of ethical considerations. Using AI actually increases the need for compliance with data privacy regulations to ensure responsible handling of customer information.

    The “magic of AI-leveraged personalised marketing” shouldn’t compromise trust and privacy, underscoring the ethical responsibility that comes with the power of AI-driven insights.

    Chatbots: The Immediate Touchpoint for Customer Engagement

    Shifting focus to customer engagement, AI-driven chatbots are becoming invaluable assets. These bots provide immediate assistance, turning potential issues into positive experiences. Proactive engagement ensures customer satisfaction, highlighting the pivotal role of chatbots in enhancing customer interactions and building brand loyalty.

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    Content Generation: The AI-Driven Fuel for Marketing

    Even non-marketers are using AI tools in content generation, streamlining the often time-consuming process. Canva and Hemingway are just two of the many tools that efficiently generate visually appealing and well-crafted written content. This AI-driven content creation not only saves time but also ensures consistency in messaging, aligning with brand strategy.

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    Navigating the Path to Sustainable Marketing

    AI isn’t merely a tool but a compass guiding marketers toward sustainable practices. I want to encourage marketers to wield AI responsibly, treating it with respect and acknowledging the ethical considerations that come with its power.

    However, regardless of the tools we use, our focus should remain on customer satisfaction, ensuring that AI is leveraged to enhance, not compromise, the customer experience on the journey toward fair and sustainable marketing practices.

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