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Recruiting with Social Media Apps

    Recruiting students through social media

    Always wanted to study in the USA or Europe? Well schools there want you too and are not above using Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok to let you know it! Realising that the prospective students of today are undoubtly glued to one device or another HE recruiters are looking to entice them through various social media platforms.

    Clearly, having international students in American college and university classrooms creates diversity and brings a global prospective to their campuses. Currently Facebook remains the best venue for student interactions, however cross promotions to other platforms is on the increase especially via instagram and youtube.

    “According to the 2018 Global Higher Education Digital Marketing & Web Survey, higher ed recruiting professionals state that Facebook and Instagram are the top social media tools used for recruitment. In 2016 a study showed that 62 percent of those surveyed said that Facebook was the top platform for student engagement.” Comevo

    Online Marketing is important not only for your business, or your nonprofit. It’s also important for your school.

    How do you first generate interest in your school and the programs you’re offering? You make sure you’re well covered in social media. You make sure you’re well covered for search engine optimization. Once you’ve got people’s attention, they’re going to go onto your website.