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2016/12 Is That An App I See Before Me?

Is That an App I See Before Me?

The rise of the mobile and responsive web has been a game changer for apps

Remember the amazing world of Fax Marketing? Mobile phones that only dialed numbers? The first website you worked with? How did we manage before all this tech came along? Obviously not very well, because soon afterwards the App arrived. Google and Apple opened their app stores in 2008 and today we spend most of our time with our smartphones communicating via apps both native and web based.Read More »Is That an App I See Before Me?

2015/07 Recruiting with Social Media Apps

Recruiting with Social Media Apps

Recruiting students through social media

Always wanted to study in the USA? Well they want you too and are not above using Twitter, Facebook and even SnapChat to let you know it! Realising that the prospective students of today are undoubtly glued to one device or another HE recruiters are looking to entice them through various social media platforms.Read More »Recruiting with Social Media Apps