Semantic HTML How to Build Anything

Learn About HTML in 5 Steps

Building things, allows us to think about them. Thinking about things, allows us to understand them. It can save us money, give us a sense of gratification and value, and it can also give us another perspective on what others do.

Are We Failing HTML?

Are We Failing HTML 101?

When I was at school there was no HTML, no internet, no websites, but there was BASIC with which we programmed small games – and which was a hell of a lot of fun.  As I have written before, learning some sort of code, markup, programming language what you will is if not very important […]

2018/03 See Jack Code. See Jane Code. Code Kids Code!

See Jack Code. See Jane Code. Code Kids Code!

We are moving soon to another state; one which has Latin in the school curriculum. Our son is quite good with languages, already speaking English, German, and Russian – but he is a bit worried about Latin (“Where do they speak Latin?”). No one would disagree that Education is good, but we could argue about what an […]

2016/02 To Code Or Not To Code …

To Code or Not to Code …

You don’t need a degree in Computer Science to code.  In fact, some of the better coders out there have degrees in literature and languages.  It’s never too late to learn code – and learning, just like any language, makes you literate – and adds another skill that might just translate into earnings. Computational thinking can aid problem […]