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Avoid the Risk! Get the Best Free SEO Tool Available AND You Get a Free Website

Get the Best Free SEO Tool Available AND You Get a Free Website

I just completed teaching another 2-week SEO/SEA course with cimdata (German website) last week. Every class is different. There are learnings in each class that are new – and can be brought into the next class. It’s as much a learning experience for the teachers as for the students. That’s what makes it interesting!

Some Great SEO Takeaways from Class

In each class, there are major takeaways too. Someone jumps up and says “No one told me that!!” Well, it’s a good thing you took this course, right? Some of the best ones?

  • >> Google indexes keywords found not only in the meta description but anywhere in your site – and can display them in the organic search.
  • >> Google indexes those keywords found in the file name of your images and other media.
  • >> Off-Page SEO is WAY more important to you than On-Page SEO. Don’t believe me? Google “site:yourdomain”. See how many indexed results? Now google “your+name”. See how many MORE results there are?

Finally, this last class was the most exciting. We talked about the magic that is Google My Business, Google’s free tool that gives you not only an SEO boost but allows you to produce free content marketing and a free website. Check out mine: https://warren-laine-naida-digital.business.site

Cool, right? Bridget Willard and I even did a short video about Google My Business.

My SEO Class Day One through Ten

SEO Class Day 1

Make sure your Website is Accessible! Not just mobile-friendly. SERP friendly too. That means accessibility for your market, language, and most importantly to needs and the search intent of your audience.

SEO Class Day 2

Putting it into words! Titles, Pages, and our Navigation structure. Writing these, even if Google changes SERPs, helps us understand, represent, describe, and explain how it relates to a user’s needs.

SEO Class Day 3

Stop treating your footer area like your stepmother ;o) Your footer area can be used to add keyword-focused secondary navigation to those detailed pages and posts that connect to your content hubs.

SEO Class Day 4

SEO alone isn’t enough! Search engines can only bring traffic if your keyword, product, or service are known or if the searcher thinks there is a solution to their problem to be found on your site. Add SEA.


SEO Class Day 5

Writing ads forces us to put the benefit of our entire offer into the 30 characters made available by Google in the ad title. It helps us focus on keywords – the “what and why” that people are searching for.

SEO Class Day 6

Visibility is especially important when people don’t know you’re there. We meet Sistrix. Which websites link to my website? Which text is used to link to my website? Which keywords are of interest to me?

SEO Class Day 7

“Thinking about the keywords and CTAs across the customer journey was a lot harder than we thought. You can’t do it in ten minutes.” Nope. Learning goal achieved!

SEO Class Day 8

Off-page SEO. Creating great content people look for and want to share. “How come no one ever told us this stuff was free?!” “I’m telling you now.” @canva @GoogleMyBiz

SEO Class Day 9

Use the funnel to your advantage. Don’t use downloads. Set up a sales process even for freebies.

  • SEO each step
  • Longer site visit
  • Time for a connection
  • Chance of actual sales

SEO Class Day 10

AIDA is not just for Landing Pages. Use it for the Search Intent of your Content.

  • Awareness – What is SEO
  • Interest – Learn SEO
  • Desire – SEO Course
  • Action – SEO Course Price

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