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Semantic HTML How to Build Anything

Learn About HTML in 5 Steps

    Building things, allows us to think about them. Thinking about things, allows us to understand them. It can save us money, give us a sense of gratification and value, and it can also give us another perspective on what others do.

    2019/04 Quo Vadis WordPress

    Quo Vadis WordPress

      Quo Vadis WordPress Last quarter we relaunched four websites in three CMS. The quickest was of course produced (mostly on a train with wonky wlan) in WordPress. I say of course because a WordPress website is simple to build and maintain,… Read More »Quo Vadis WordPress

      2016/02 To Code Or Not To Code …

      To Code or Not to Code …

        Who needs to learn to code? Probably everyone

        You don’t need a degree in Computer Science to code.  In fact, some of the better coders out there have degrees in literature and languages.  It’s never too late to learn code – and learning, just like any language, makes you literate – and adds another skill that might just translate into earnings. Computational thinking can aid problem solving and help with understanding large amounts of information.Read More »To Code or Not to Code …