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Voice Content and Voice Search August 2020

Voice Search: No Rest for the Wicked

Voice Search we understand – “Alexa, where can I find the closest florist?” “Siri, what’s playing at the cinema tonight?” Right? this we understand. Voice Content Marketing is that after three espressos. It’s not even very new. Two years ago they were taking about it. Is it yet a thing though? Not so much. But it will be.

2019/08 Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

Love in the Time of Digital Transformation

The idea that you could like a robot and they you might at first seem a little creepy, but is the love we have for our smart phone the precursor for spending our evenings with an android? This may seem the stuff of science fiction, however the possibility remains tied to our changing attitudes towards sex and intimacy in general, and the current digital transformation we are experiencing.

The Digital 1%

The Digital 1%

What does the future hold for us if we are unable to afford access to information, or to the best tech? Elysium, In Time, Upside Down – some of the many dystopian stories where a small segment of society with access… Read More »The Digital 1%

2017/07 I Click Therefore I am

I Click Therefore I am

Are we shown clickbait based on what we want to see, or what we are wanted to see?

We were recently told by a friend it was “pretty scary” how you always seemed to see items advertised on one platform which you had viewed on another platform. At some level, it probably is disconcerting.

Tracking pixels ( are one of many ways websites repeat to users what they see on another site, in the hope they will click on it. Read More »I Click Therefore I am

2017/05 Our Relationship With (Tech) Things

Our Relationship with (Tech) Things

Our relationship with Technology

“Technology. Everyone’s so afraid of missing what’s next they never bother to fix/optimise what’s here now.”  I read this tweet by Luke Wroblewski a few days after the team had the same sort of conversation during a project meeting. We were reviewing what to keep and what to throw out of a website.  The client wanted a real spring cleaning, and they wanted something new – something fresh. The problem with “New” is that it soon becomes “Old”. As they say: “There is really nothing wrong with a bologna sandwich.”Read More »Our Relationship with (Tech) Things