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Medienkompetenz für Senioren foto by Metatdgt @ pexels

Grandparents Can Code Too

The Internet and digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in more and more areas of everyday life. How can we ensure the participation of older members of society in the current digital transformation? For everyone to benefit from these technologies, it will take more than the ability to download apps to smartphones or transfer money via online banking.

VHS Smarte Senioren Dozent Warren Laine-Naida

Digitale Kompetenz für Smarte Senioren

Menschen haben immer Technologie genützt zu Problemlösung – ältere Menschen sollten davon nicht ausgeschlossen sein. Senioren möchte auch mitreden, mitmachen. Aktive Mitgestaltung der Gesellschaft sollte für alle möglich sein. Medienkompetenz oder Digitalkompetenz ist dafür eine Voraussetzung.

2017/04 The Ghost In The Design

The Ghost in the Design

Responsive design is about more than just layout; it’s about designing for the Web

We may think of Mobile First and Responsive Design being in answer to a mostly mobile phone accessed internet. However,  Samsung just unwrapped its new 3400 pixel monitor and kids are accessing the internet more and more from their game consoles. So how do we ensure our websites will be seen regardless of device size? Mobile Different, Mobile Forward, Device Agnostic, Resilient Design, Pattern-Based Design … there has lately been a lot of discussion about how we ensure visitors can access and use our content regardless of screen size.Read More »The Ghost in the Design

2017/03 Our Take On User Experience

My Take on User Experience

Guaranteeing good user experience is finding the sweet spot

Two User Experiences in the last week stand out in my mind – one rewarding and one hellishly frustrating, and both involving accessing an account on a banking website.  According to Wikipedia “User experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.”Read More »My Take on User Experience

2017/02 Digital Culture 101

Digital Culture 101

What is digital culture?

I was asked in January to give a talk to a class of students who had spent the term studying Cultural Diversity.  While you won’t be able to enjoy the excitement of actually being there – touching a old ‘brick’ mobile phone or marvelling at the super presentation graphics – the subject of Digital Culture is interesting enough that I thought I should share the talking points as this month’s blog post. I’m just dusting the surface of course. You can take a course on Digital Culture that lasts two semesters if you were keen. Of course this post means you don’t have to sit the exam. Read More »Digital Culture 101

2015/11 People Visit Your Site for 90 Seconds

People Visit Your Site for 90 Seconds

Your website is almost always people’s first point of contact

Your website may be a visitor’s only experience with you; your design and content need to be personal and convincing throughout. Until a student actually enrolls, they are still in the decision making process, and every step of that process can either encourage them to continue moving forward – or give them cause for concern.Read More »People Visit Your Site for 90 Seconds